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NBA Live 20 request

I recently purchased NBA Live 19. I’ve been playing the game most of this week and I enjoyed it. But there’s still certain aspects of the game that still need to be improved. Commentary and crowd needs a huge improvement they come out as very bland in my opinion. Franchise is okay but I wish it had a little depth similar to the previous NBA Live games where you have the whole most of the competitions and what not. The one is solid I personally think it’s very well executed but I wish European teams could be added on to the game. To give the story some depth instead of it being an American playing street ball in different part of the world you could have a similar story to Luka Doncic. Overseas player who came to US and also have the current story. So you have two options for The One an international player or an American player. The gameplay could use some slight adjustments. I would love to see more sneakers in the game, also when you edit a player in franchise you should be allowed to create a sneaker rotation for each jersey. Overall I think the franchise is heading in the right direction. What are some additions you guys would like to see for the next game in the series?
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