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NBA LIVE - 04/04 - Live Content Update

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Hey NBA Live peeps,

Check out the detail of the latest content update below:

Player ratings:


Gear updates
On top of the gear below we also added Kyrie 5 “Taco”. Keep an eye out for this style to earn in future Live Events and the One Store!




Store Update

In this week's store update BAPE is back & new retro Jordan styles. The rest of the details can be found by clicking below:


The NBA Live Team.
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  • I made the accessory update post on reddit that contributed to much of the last huge accessory update on 3/29. Here’s some more, thank you so much for the updates!

    - Theis should have the shorter knee pads (hyperstong)

    - Bridges add right arm sleeve, add leg sleeves both legs
    - Kaminsky remove left arm sleeve, make leg gear longer

    - Mejri add right arm sleeve, right leg sleeve
    - Kleber add leg sleeves both legs
    - Trey Burke add left arm sleeve

    - Galloway add leg sleeve both legs

    Golden State
    - Cousins remove leg sleeves both legs

    - Shumpert add leg sleeves both legs

    Los Angeles (Clippers)
    - Gilgeous Alexander remove leg gear

    Los Angeles (Lakers)
    - Ingram change socks to low
    - Bullock remove right leg sleeve

    - Valanciunas add arm sleeves both arms, left hand wrap
    - Dorsey add leg sleeves both legs

    - Dragic remove left leg sleeve only

    - Brown add right leg sleeve

    New York
    - Mudiay add leg sleeves both legs

    Oklahoma City
    - Westbrook leg gear should be padded Nike hyperstrong

    - Scott remove leg gear, add arm sleeves both arms

    - Hood add leg sleeves both legs, add right arm sleeve
    - Curry add left arm sleeve

    - Fox add right leg sleeve
    - Bogdanovic remove leg sleeve

    - Crowder add right arm sleeve

    - Parker remove leg gear
    - Satoranky remove leg gear

    I know you can’t remove undershirts easily during the season but can you keep track of this for next year?
    - Cousins remove undershirt
    - Kaminsky remove undershirt
    - Kidd Gilcrest remove undershirt
    - Doncic remover undershirt
    - Seth Curry remove undershirt
    - Mario Hezonja remove undershirt
    - Tyler Johnson add undershirt

    Also where are these missing players?
    - Bogut (GS)
    - Danuel House(HOU)
    - Kendrick Williams (NO)
    - Gary Clark(HOU)
    - Jaylen Adams(ATL)
    - Ryan Broekoff (DAL)
    - John Jenkins (NYC)
    - Cameron Reynolds’s (Min)
  • mpgscat1
    4 posts New member
    Is the OKC Thunder having the new jersey sponcer please
  • Derek4032
    2 posts New member
    Can you add some other accessories?
    Mouth guard
    Face shield
    Color full length leggings for non NBA games
    Colorful headbands for non NBA games
    Full chest tattoos with the option of playing non NBA games shirtless 👈 this would be DOPE!!
    The option of wearing mismatched socks and or sneakers 👈 this too would be DOPE!!
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