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The shooting is bad.

I get myself open and make a shot and miss it because "released early" and I'm 5 feet away from the basket. I miss an open 3 that has a green on it as well because "released early". How can y'all just not reward people who get themselves open aka shot creators?


  • I agree shooting is bad I lost by a blow out because the other team decides to outshoot me plus some shots don't go in for the life of me and the cpu can shoot with one player and score please fix this EA!!!!!!! the shooting is bad there's no reason me as the Brooklyn nets 69 should lose to the Pistons 96 because of one player catching fire and the shooting affects this as well if you could please fix this that would be great because your messing up the fun of the game by nerfing shooting thanks EA your loyal and dedicated fan Ryan Faust.
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