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NBA LIVE - 04/11 - Live Content Update

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Hey NBA Live peeps,

Here is the latest Live Content, check out the details below:

Ratings updates




The NBA Live team.


  • Rodney Mcgruder is on the clippers now. Also can you update these accessories:

    - Theis should have the shorter knee pads (hyperstong)

    - Bridges add right arm sleeve, add leg sleeves both legs
    - Kaminsky remove left arm sleeve, make leg gear longer

    Mejri add right arm sleeve, right leg sleeve
    Kleber add leg sleeves both legs
    Trey Burke add left arm sleeve

    Galloway add leg sleeve both legs

    Golden State
    Cousins remove leg sleeves both legs

    Shumpert add leg sleeves both legs

    Los Angeles (Clippers)
    Gilgeous Alexander remove leg gear

    Los Angeles (Lakers)
    Ingram change socks to low
    Bullock remove right leg sleeve

    Valanciunas add arm sleeves both arms, left hand wrap
    Dorsey add leg sleeves both legs

    Dragic remove left leg sleeve only
    Wade remove right arm sleeeve, add left arm sleeve. Leg gear should be the shorter Nike Hyperstong

    Brown add right leg sleeve

    New York
    Mudiay add leg sleeves both legs

    Scott remove leg gear, add arm sleeves both arms

    Hood add leg sleeves both legs, add right arm sleeve
    Curry add left arm sleeve

    Fox add right leg sleeve
    Bogdanovic remove leg sleeve

    Crowder add right arm sleeve

    Parker remove leg gear
    Satoranky remove leg gear
    Randle remove leg gear

    I know you can’t remove undershirts easily during the season but can you keep track of this for next year?
    Cousins remove undershirt
    Kaminsky remove undershirt
    Kidd Gilcrest remove undershirt
    Doncic remover undershirt
    Seth Curry remove undershirt
    Mario Hezonja remove undershirt
    Tyler Johnson add undershirt
    Also where are these missing players?
    Bogut (GS)
    Danuel House(HOU)
    Kendrick Williams (NO)
    Gary Clark(HOU)
    Jaylen Adams(ATL)
    Ryan Broekoff (DAL)
    John Jenkins (NYC)
    Cameron Reynolds’s (Min)
  • mpgscat1
    4 posts New member
    Still no sponsor badge on OKC jerseys
    as shown in picture of Russel Westbrook ratings update
  • They need to do roster updates for franchise nothing gets no love if you could fix this update the rosters that would be great your ea fan and fan of NBA live 19 you guys are the best Ryan NBA live movement ea sports it's in the game baby!!!!!!!!
  • can you guys update the sponsor badge for the OKC jerseys and update the “we believe” jersey for the GSW? oh and change the lakers gear for association & icon back to white because the black don’t look right with the home jersey and the purple don’t look right with the away one especially with the socks being white it just doesn’t match.. the statement accessory gear should also be purple again. Please make these updates happen.
  • Also fix the tongue on the shoes as most of them are crooked and it looks tacky
  • Clueminati
    316 posts Senior Moderator
    Forwarding this off to @EA_Roger
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
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