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Please fix this game it was fine before the most recent update to shooting

Yes my name is Ryan Faust I am a dedicated nba live 19 player and I buy your game every year from live 15 to 19.
If you could please fix the rosters like update them in franchise mode that would be great,
the reason I am making this post is because I think you guys nerfed the shooting there's no reason why I am the Brooklyn Nets 69 and am losing to the Detroit Piston to 96.
Please buff the shooting or put it back to where it was before the most recent patch or tuning update that you guys did with the update before this one like between April 5th and the 9th.
If you could make shooting to what it was before or not make it so that way if one player is shooting good he should not catch fire.
Like Reggie Jackson from the pistons just caught fire and there was nothing I could do to stop him for the life of me and this is why I lost the game.
Now tell me why if I am playing good defense that I lose the game just because my guys can't stop Reggie Jackson from scoring.
If you could fix this in the next patch aka tuning update that would be great your fan and dedicated player since nba live 15.
You guys are awesome this is the only thing that is holding the game back from greatness being fun EA Sports if it's in the game it should be your friend and dedicated fan Ryan Faust.


  • They need to fix the tongue on the most if not all are crooked and it looks tacky.
  • I played a game against this little kid about 2 days ago. He literally threw 3 pointers the whole game. He made about 3 dunks from a put back and 4 free throws.

    What made it so bad was that every shot he did was contested. Then when I finally figured passed him up, the game did 3 random turnovers. One turnover happened during a cutscene. Man I lost to a 12 year old by 2 points. And if you think it is because I'm not good, I beat him by exactly 27 points twice in 2K19 right after.

    Do not place bets on this game.
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