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Campaign Details: Spring

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Are you faster than Mr. Hopstep? Bounce into Easter season with a carrot chase and egg hunt! Gather carrots to earn the 102 OVR Spring Masters Jamal Murray, Dennis Rodman, and Paul George and Marshmallow Chicks to upgrade them. Find all the eggs to earn the Spring court and Mr. Hopstep as a boost item. Read on below for the details!

Campaign Dates and Times
Live Date: April 20, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST

End of Campaign: April 29, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST


Campaign Map
Left side: Play the campaign events to earn Carrots currency. Carrots unlock milestones below. Milestones include earning jerseys, Nicknames players, Out of Position players, boosted players, the Masters of the campaign and 3 Marshmallow Chicks to upgrade your Masters in Sets.

Right side: Mr. Hopstep has hidden all the eggs and challenged you to find them all before time runs out! Find the eggs by completing various mystery tasks throughout the game. Can be Daily Objectives or progression in the Spring campaign, anywhere! Once you complete a set of eggs, you are rewarded a player. Once you complete all the eggs, you get Mr. Hopstep as a boost item to give +4 Speed and the Spring Court with 5% currency boost and +2 Scoring with Contact. Also, a one-time only pop-up offer with bonus or discounted items will appear each time you find an egg!

There are 3 Blitz events that reset their first win bonus every 6 hours.
  1. 25 stamina blitz = 200 Carrots on first win; 25 Carrots on repeat wins
  2. 50 stamina blitz = 400 Carrots on first win; 50 Carrots on repeat wins
  3. 75 stamina blitz = 600 Carrots on first win; 75 Carrots on repeat wins

To accelerate progress:

Claim your bonus pack in the Store every 4 hours to get 100 carrots.

Beat Leagues (20 Carrots per win), Showdowns (40 Carrots per win) or Seasons (20 Carrots per win).

You can purchase 96 OVR Baron Davis with 20% currency boost, 101 OVR Shawn Kemp with 50% currency boost, and currency packs in the Store. The Store button on the campaign map will link you directly to these.

Claim your bonus Jelly Bean Pack in the Store every 24 hours to get 5+ Jelly Beans each pack. Jelly Beans go towards the Easter Basket Sets with rewards like 101 OVR Golden Ticket Giannis Antetokounmpo, 100 OVR All-Star MVP Kevin Durant or 1 million coins!







Campaign Milestones
Milestone Cost Reward
1 1,000 Carrots Jersey Pack
2 2,000 Carrots Nickname Pack
3 6,000 Carrots 93 OVR Spring Boosted Player
4 8,000 Carrots 10 Elite League Tokens
5 11,000 Carrots Game of the Night Pack
6 13,000 Carrots Nickname Pack
7 15,000 Carrots Horry Pack and Helper
8 20,000 Carrots 94 OVR Spring Boosted Player
9 23,000 Carrots Out of Position Pack
10 26,000 Carrots Easter Basket Pack
11 32,000 Carrots 95 OVR Spring Boosted Player
12 35,000 Carrots 10 Elite League Tokens
13 41,000 Carrots 20 Elite League Tokens
14 56,000 Carrots Master 1: 102 OVR Jamal Murray (PG)
15 62,000 Carrots Nuggets City Edition Jersey
16 70,000 Carrots 96 OVR Spring Boosted Player
17 74,000 Carrots Flashbacks Pack
18 86,000 Carrots Marshmallow Chick
19 94,000 Carrots 20 Elite League Tokens
20 103,000 Carrots Out of Position Pack
21 113,000 Carrots 97 OVR Spring Boosted Player
22 119,000 Carrots Game of the Night Pack
23 126,000 Carrots Nickname Pack
24 141,000 Carrots Master 2: 102 OVR Dennis Rodman (PF)
25 148,000 Carrots Easter Basket Pack
26 154,000 Carrots Flashbacks Pack
27 166,000 Carrots Marshmallow Chick
28 172,000 Carrots Out of Position Pack
29 181,000 Carrots 20 Elite League Tokens
30 196,000 Carrots Master 3: 102 OVR Paul George (SF)
31 208,000 Carrots Marshmallow Chick





Campaign Masters
Spring has 3 Masters below that can be boosted with the Marshmallow Chicks in Sets.

102 OVR Jamal Murray, PG, DEN with +3 Speed

102 OVR Dennis Rodman, PF, CHI with +3 Agility

102 OVR Paul George, SF, OKC with +3 3 Point Shot




Easter Baskets
We have a couple special baskets for you this Easter that have some premium mystery rewards from previous campaigns.

Set: Elite Easter Basket
Cost: 25 Jelly Bean Tokens
Reward: 1 Chocolate Bunny and 75,000-1 million coins or a 91+ OVR player from all previous programs

Set: Premium Easter Basket
Cost: 10 Chocolate Bunny okens
Reward: 1 million coins or 100+ OVR player from all previous programs


Changes we made for this campaign:
Including a way to get players from previous programs that users might have missed via Easter Baskets.

Involving other aspects of NBA LIVE Mobile via egg hunt.

Weekly login calendar that gives you rewards for logging in every day for the next 9 days.


Auction House
All players from the campaign are not auctionable until the end of the program.


Thank you for joining us in Spring!

Continue to stay tuned to our social channels for more campaigns and game updates!



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