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Roster update for accessories needed

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edited May 31
We haven’t gotten an accessory update in a long time. Also team colors for some jerseys need to be fixed as well. I’ve listed all the ones I know here

- Theis should have the shorter knee pads (hyperstong)
- Irving should have shorter Nike hyperstrong knee pads (he changed to these in the playoffs)

- Kurucs add right arm sleeve, add right leg padded Nike hyper strong
- Carrol add left arm sleeve

- Bridges add right arm sleeve, add leg sleeves both legs
- Kaminsky remove left arm sleeve, make leg gear longer

- Mejri add right arm sleeve, right leg sleeve
- Kleber add leg sleeves both legs
- Trey Burke add left arm sleeve

- Galloway add leg sleeve both legs

Golden State
- Cousins remove compression shirt
- Bogut add left arm sleeve
- Livingston add right arm sleeve
- Away Jerseys should have white accessories

- Shumpert add leg sleeves both legs
- Paul remove arm sleeve
- Nene should have the shorter padded hyperstong sleeves

Los Angeles (Clippers)
- Gilgeous Alexander remove leg gear
- Robinson remove right leg sleeve

Los Angeles (Lakers)
- Ingram change socks to low
- Bullock remove right leg sleeve

- Valanciunas add arm sleeves both arms, left hand wrap
- Dorsey add leg sleeves both legs

- Dragic remove left leg sleeve only
- Wade remove right arm sleeeve, add left arm sleeve. Leg gear should be the shorter Nike Hyperstong

- Middleton remove leg sleeve
- Antetokounmpo change socks to low

New York
- Mudiay add leg sleeves both legs

New Orleans
- Davis change Nike hyperstrong to longer padded version

Oklahoma City
- Grant remove right leg sleeve, add left leg sleeve, add left arm sleeve
- Morris add left arm sleeve
- Westbrook leg gear should be long padded Nike hyper strong
- Noel leg gear should be full leggings
- Roberson add leg sleeves both legs, add left arm sleeve

- Augustin add arm sleeves both arms, leg gear should be 3/4 leg sleeves
- Birch add right leg sleeve

- Scott remove leg gear, add arm sleeve right arm
- Butler leg gear should be shorter padded Nike hyperstrong
- Simmons remove leg gear, remove arm gear (he did this the last two games of the playoffs vs the raptors)

- Bridges remove arm sleeve

- Hood add right arm sleeve, add leg sleeves both legs
- Dame change socks to low, make leg gear full leggings

- Bogdanovic remove leg sleeve

- OG add left arm sleeve
- Lowry add leg sleeves both legs, add left thumb wrap
- Vanvleet add thumb wrap
- Home Jerseys should have black colored accessories

- Crowder add right arm sleeve

- Parker remove leg gear
- Satoranky remove leg gear
- Randle remove leg gear

I know you can’t remove undershirts easily during the season but can you keep track of this for next year?
- Cousins remove undershirt
- Kaminsky remove undershirt
- Kidd Gilcrest remove undershirt
- Doncic remover undershirt
- Seth Curry remove undershirt
- Mario Hezonja remove undershirt
- Tyler Johnson add undershirt
- Norman Powell add undershirt
- Garrett Temple add undershirt
- Wilson Chandler add undershirt
- Mike Conley add undershirt
- Jamaal Murray add undershirt
- Montrezl Harrell add headband
- Jrue Holiday add headband


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