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The latest updates have ruined Live Run

3 posts Member
So I usually switch between my KD and Vince builds, but since these last 2 updates I've never disliked playing Live Run so much. I'm missing wide open shots, Layups and dunks are getting blocked with ease and seems like defense can steal the ball more than ever even with a 90+ dribble rated player. You need to REALLY balance your game. If you played you will experience big men blocking everything, shooters missing wide open shots, elite ball handlers getting the ball stolen every other play. If you really care about your community you will fix this asap.


  • RazzMcNasty
    4 posts New member
    Agreed, EA ball-handlers with elite dribble skills rated 90-95+ should retain the ball against 90% of steal attempts and rather should be only countered by elite defenders into dribble pickups, deflections out of bounds off elite defenders and foul/ankle break on sub par defenders. Elite ball-handlers should rarely see any pick pockets its "you reach I teach" at 95 dribble rating or higher.
  • In fact the trait sure handles should include a significant steal protect buffer on guards or another trait should be patched in for it. In the near future 2020 EA can take the market back from 2K but its these little details that makes the difference to true basketball heads.
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