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NBA Live 19 - 6/27 - Content update

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Hey NBA Live peeps,

Check out everything you need to know about our latest live content update:

Ratings Update:


Store update
  • All 6/5 "Best of Livestrike" items
  • New collection added
  • New items added to fan collection

Click on the spoiler for the details:

You'll also find live events with this Content update,


The NBA Live team.
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  • The store and clothing items didn’t load same with the lchaklenges
  • *challenges
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    I'm a frequent nba live plsyer on Xbox live huge community member and I must say honestly you guys need to improve the store updates the past few store updates have been horrible not a wide variety of shoes to choose from (nike,Jordan etc) and the gear is lacking as well I feel the Jordan gear should stay in the store shirts and shorts hopefully and hopefully you guys can bring better store updates before we get to live 20 THANKS I HOPE
  • Is he’ the goat!!! R we sure yet! Think!!!
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