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NBA Live 20 (BEWARE OF THE Click-Bait)

I just wanted to be sure that all of you are aware that it is the time for those that are on Youtube to propose they know what is coming for NBA Live 20. Well, there is a lot of click-bait out there right now that they are passing as NBA Live 20 graphics when in-fact we know they are from 19.

We have not heard nor seen anything for months on NBA Live 20 from any of the developers. Just continue to be patient and hopefully, hopefully, we hear something soon!

- Owner Joystick Jocks
Co-Owner Joystick Jocks


  • Clueminati
    324 posts Senior Moderator
    Thank you, guys it's a serious thing that I take full offense on. I do not entertain click baiting on here, and other representatives on different forums, streams, and blogs we cannot accept their work.

    This is why references matter from source.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
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