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Changes that could make NBA Live 20 the better game

First of all I would like to start by saying why NBA live could soon become the better basketball game than 2k has ever been and this is coming from a Day 1 2 k players since Dreamcast....and NBA live has finally satisfies almost everything that's needed besides afee errors....like for example....put back points shouldn't be as easy as it is in the game idk what position or what player there should always be physical contact going up for out back or chippys ....defense shouldn't always be played infront of the player you should be able to latch on from the side Hil of a player also....in live runs thier should be I.q match up games with high I.q players then low I.Q players....and many more just a discussion starter


  • Great suggestions. I also feel that Live can be the superior game of the two. The gameplay is getting there. Some fixes in certain areas will catapult this game.
    Co-Owner Joystick Jocks
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