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I wish NBA Live 19 had more Fanfare about player accomplishments ( championships, mvp's, etc.)

This is something I posted on the NBA Live subreddit as well but thought I'd like to post it here directly in the hopes that the devs see it .

So first and foremost let me say that I love NBA Live 19 , I would say it's in my basketball game top 5 with NBA Jam , NBA Street 2 , NBA 2K11, and NBA 2K13 beating it . I haven't had this much fun playing a basketball game in years and as an ex NBA 2K fan NBA Live has been everything I could have asked for but wasn't getting from those games .

My biggest complaints with the NBA Live 19 ? It either didn't make big moments feel big enough or there just wasn't enough content which made certain parts come off stale pretty quickly.

In terms of there not being enough the biggest examples I think are in the commentary , I've heard that 5 fingers / fist analogy more times than I can count ... I feel like I might have even heard it more than once in a game . The league news sources and commentary videos too . As cool and high production as some of that stuff was there was so little of it that after a while it feels recycled and stale . I really hope the Next NBA live just gives us more of that kind of content I think it's cool and I for one enjoy seeing people react to my highlights for the night but the pool of potential clip presenters/ and broadcasts needs to be a little deeper.

Secondly and my bigger complaint ? I wish that when I accomplished things during the One mode that the game did a better job of making those moments feel BIG. I think your first start should feel BIG , The allstar game starter announcements? Should feel BIG . Getting into the playoffs, winning playoff rounds, getting into the finals, and then a championship ceremony ? All of that should feel BIG . I was hoping at the end of my season I'd get a chance to get a pic with my team I did it with .

I know it seems small but getting your moment of fanfare to drink in how dope and badass you are I think is part of the fun of playing as a dope NBA player . I just hope in the next NBA Live they really focus on making those moments of accomplishment feel BIG.

I actually really like the cellphone better to for the in-between game interactions and stuff better than NBA 2K's cutscenes which usually dragged too long when I really just wanted to play ball . However Using text messages and stuff to convey those accomplishments felt like a cop out . I just feel like having spent so many hours in the game getting an even 30 second moment to just drink in your accomplishments and successes isn't much to ask for .

Despite that I really look forward to getting the next NBA Live for the PS5 whenever that happens . Despite its quirks I've had a great time with Live 19 .


  • It's simple, we need Zion Williamson in the game.
    It is difficult to have to create it without knowing its statistics and its equivalence within the game.
    About the uniforms we like to play with the current ones and there are many that do not exist in the game.
    Please EA ... HELP US !
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