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NBA LIVE 19 abandoned by EA Major LAG not addressed !!!

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So about two weeks ago major shot meter / movement lag kicked in for many players on xbox and Ps4 the game is now unplayable for many and though 19 had a long run you would think , with the lack of any future release news or assurance they are working on anything , EA could keep the servers working ! live 18 servers have almost no lag which makes no sense to me ... People are still buying and playing this game yet EA could care less , Too bad they dont treat live like Fifa , If any of you have friends planning on downloading and playing 19 at this point in time , Tell them not to waste their time . 2k didnt kill Live , EA Did.. :'(


  • Clueminati
    326 posts Senior Moderator
    Although NBA Live 18 and 19 have different server issues where 19 is showing a lot of lag. This should definitely be addressed as must have in a wish list because we do want certain animation in the game, but having a strong server is needed. 2K and EA are two different styles of basketball which they both have a base representing one organization, but 2K is not that great of a game which I play it without getting set on fire when the game comes on. If you think I was blown away with Zion Williamson (standard edition NBA 2K21 cover athlete)? I'm not, but 2K's community is dying off as well which some are now becoming Fortnite streamers.

    Closing this off, I will add servers is a must when it comes to online matchmaking, and plus no game is perfect.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
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