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these servers are absolute garbage lately

the lag is unbearable and I'm ready to throw the game out. tell u what why dont u guys just tell me when the optimum times to play are and just be done with it cuz this is seriously becoming a waste of time / money


  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager
    Hi, @Jamadianiii

    I just saw this message after being out from work last week. We all know lag can be lead to some frustrating experiences and we're here to help you out if you're up to troubleshoot a bit. Let me know what platform you play on, if you're on WiFi or a wired connection, and what steps you already attempted from your end to try and fix it. We'll always pass along feedback to the NBA Live team about server stability, but if you want to see if there's anything we can do in the meantime to make it run better for you perhaps we can see if it helps.
  • thanks @EA_Blueberry i actually haven't played much lately cuz of work but il boot it up over the weekend at some point and see about some troubleshooting. thanks
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