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New NBA Live News?

Is there anyone who know any news about nba live 21 or 22 can you Please drop it in this discussion and if you are the community manager or the dev that know anything dont be afraid to drop us a hint or any news


  • EA_Blueberry
    4773 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @Brakoooooo!

    No word on what's planned for the future for the NBA LIVE franchise so far. Season 5 just recently launched for NBA LIVE Mobile on Android and iOS if you were looking to shoot some hoops in the meantime.

    If we hear any official announcements we'll share them with you right here as soon as possible though.

    Thanks for being a fan of the NBA LIVE franchise! :)
  • I hope that I get to play a new edition of the NBA Live series before I put my basketball shoes on ice.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • no news is good news bro, on my way to kinghandle of Live 19
  • I really don't understand how anyone still thinks this game has any priority to ea, let alone a future. They straight up lied to everyone with the announcement they made in October 2019 by going completely radio silent & the last entry to the series was a joke pretty quick after release. You could see the writing on the wall. I mean c'mon, they didn't even support live's ultimate team mode. That says it all about how important this series was to them. Anyone who still believes the nonsense about next gen being the reason it was halted, you're for sure the target demographic for them.

    With how terrible Madden has been with regards to support outside ultimate team & how they've also lied to all those players, why would you ever think it wouldn't be a mess like before?

    It's really unfortunate. I never liked 2k and so many of their players wanted something better. Now, ea is under them, and that says a LOT about them as a company. But this is what you get when a player base absolutely refuses to hold them accountable, and even worse, let them get away with putting out half-baked products and begging for more.
  • Clueminati
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    I understand the growing concerns of people wanting NBA LIVE to return, and at the same time, there is zero news coming out. Mainly you have Twitch streams of NBA LIVE Mobile, which is the basic focus for a basketball game at the moment. As a prediction and take this as a grain of salt, 2022 would be the return of NBA LIVE or have some news. However, it is stretching because 2K does have exclusive deals with the NBA. Still, they don't have as much of an exclusive with certain players in the NBPA, which not every player is under the NBPA when you do the MyTeam challenges on 2K or refuse to have their likeness ala Charles Barkley (who wants over a million dollars) and Reggie Miller (undisclosed reasoning). At the same point, again, they have exclusive player rights of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and the late Kobe Bryant. With the Kobe Bryant situation, he may not be a 2K exclusive if the Bryant Estate denies 2K to use Kobe Bryant. Remember, if you have read an article this year? The Bryant Estate decided to let Nike no longer do his signature shoes, plus his contract with Nike was fixing to expire as well. Hopefully, there would be a way if EA can deal with the Bryant Estate to make him playable for them in both mobile and LUT. That is if NBA LIVE is back. Which 2K would fight for the idea that Kobe was their cover athlete? He deserves to be back on their game, but within a deeper aspect? I feel that LIVE can be back with the NextGen consoles of the new Xbox and PS5.

    Here's another thing I am going to put out on the table for you all, ever since the return of an EA BIG product SKATE that is still in development, especially where EA PGA is coming back as well and NCAA Football. I am very optimistic that NBA STREET could make its way around as an EA BIG product. I am also optimistic that Fight Night can return, but I want EA to start opening up studios to fight games like EA Chicago. Although these are wishes that I have, especially we are responsibly navigating through this pandemic. Now, one thing I saw months ago was Def Jam tweeting out wanting another Def Jam game with a poll. Although I do not know if EA wants to touch the Def Jam game, I do wish that EA would compete with NetherRealms Studio to actually polish and recreate the Marvel fighting game that was supposed to be made in EA Chicago. The only reason I am saying that, and not to make it an off-topic comment. Because Ed Boon and NetherRealmsis part of WB, and WB is with DC Comics. I know people will say that they can do both games, not really. Sony Marvel and MCU of Disney+ must agree with a company that makes a WB and DC Comics game. That's like having Namco wanting to do the games Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks; Fire & Ice; or Special Forces. Hard reach, but Boon is flirting and trolling around that NetherRealms may do a Marvel game. So, what would that leave the relationship between Marvel and Capcom? The same with NetherRealms and WB Games that is also under DC Comics for the future of Injustice? An article from last year states that AT&T may be selling their WB Gaming division which involves NetherRealm Studios and Rocksteady Gaming. Could this be their way out to make a Marvel fighting game that Ed Boon is teasing and trolling on Twitter?



    In an opinion, I am debunking that rumor the best way that I can while following it where Boon wants to do a Marvel game. But I do feel EA owes us this game in a way where it had some potential to be good at the time, minus the bugs. Plus, Marvel is shopping for companies to work on a fighting game outside of mobile gaming, such as Marvel Contest of Champions. At the same time, we see horrible track records with a console with The Avengers and the demise of Marvel Heroes. The success of a PlayStation exclusive of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales can be praised knowing the future of The Avengers will not become another Anthem on how they compared the game to. Not to take anything away from Marvel vs. Capcom, and Nintendo is the only console to bring out Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, an RPG game the same as Marvel Future Fight that is also on mobile, but different in a way. Due to the article that I have posted, EA and Activision are competing to get WB Games and the IP address of Batman. Can you see EA handling a DC and RockSteady game and working with NetherRealm Studios?

    To go back on a comment I made. I would like to see that NBA LIVE has some news rolling by 2022, where we are still in the early stages of NextGen console migrations, adding that this pandemic has made it hard to progress. The future of NBA LIVE may look bare at the moment. That NBA LIVE Mobile is now the focus of basketball gaming, but we still have to see what 2022 holds for this game. I am saying that for LIVE, and if they bring back the returns of STREET and NCAA Basketball since NCAA Football is resurrecting? I will be saying that about those two games as well.


    According to Bloomberg, from last year months later. AT&T decided not to sell the WB Games which they find too valuable where the price was $4 billion. The suitors were EA, Activision-Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive, and Microsoft.
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    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • The last year of games I'm getting will have the year 2024 on the game cover, so I hope I can play a new version of NBA Live by then. It's time to keep my fingers crossed times two.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Clueminati
    329 posts Senior Moderator
    Whenever the life cycle of the CurrentGen no longer continues? That's where we all have to look at what is in store for NextGen. I, for one, would wish this could be much more of a speedier process where everyone is trying to get back to normalcy where we're still in this pandemic where we're getting vaccinated to do our travels, visiting family and friends, and back to work. During this pandemic, not enough studios, teams, and developers can go back to work, with EA using studios like EA Austin (Austin, TX); EA Canada (Burnaby, British Columbia); EA Madrid (Madrid, Spain); and EA Tiburon (Maitland, Florida) to move the engine and animation around. It isn't easy to do things to get in development. Hopefully, this would have physical in-store sales where both the X-Box and Playstation can be in stock finally, and you would have studios like EA, Take-Two Interactive, and other AAA and Indy games to successfully work on their projects.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
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