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What are you looking for in NBA Live 17?

With several more months to go in the development cycle, what are you all looking for in Live 17? Are there things that you see in 2k that you'd like to see brought to Live? Are there ideas that haven't been in any title yet, that you feel would be a great addition?

What game play enhancements would be key for you to enjoy Live 17?


  • Im mainly thinking about mode enhancements. We have got to see a more in-depth "Rising Star" and somethijg that would set the basketball community on fire such as "Connected Franchise Mode". Imagine being able to take your Rising Star vs a league with 29 other users who have their own Rising Star on a team, that would be hot!
  • Definitely an interesting thought. For those H2H games, would you control just your Rising Star player, or your teammates as well? And just 1 user per team? Where I'm not as big of an online gamer, this interests me to see how you all would want it set up.

    At the beginning of the Online Dynasty, would the cpu draft each of you to a team, or everyone just select a team? I could see it being pretty cool either way. Having a virtual green room, waiting for your name to be called would be awesome.
  • Clueminati_017
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    I think that they have to go deep in the game this time. To be honest? Frostbite won't be implemented as soon as I would personally think which I say by the next series, but by seeing how 2K17 is evolving more and more. Which they're going sim; their devs are former developers and community members here; and they acquired up to 98% of the league exclusives. EA got to go all in with their product, and I know even for me I respect 2K on how they're doing things. Not liking how their Community is ran by being a **** towards everybody because that can come back at you, and throwing shade while kicking a man that's down. I know to me it's frustrating to see how EA is not living up to their value and standards. This is why EA got to listen to the people in the boards, through social media, and through YouTube. Not just a selected few, but a lot of people. I own 2K17, and paid for the legendary edition where I splurged $112 on it. There are parts of the game that is broken, but they still stepped their game up. I wish they brought back the NBA Combine; and the NBDL to add on to the MyCareer Mode the same with Euroleague. See, the journeyman approach, or fighting for a spot on the team. Hopefully, EA can use that in their storylines for MyPlayer, but going deep within the game itself is a definite must outside the key focuses. I said stay in a grey area and produce, but the way 2K just took that NBA Elite route was a slap in the face.

    They just have to bring it, and go all out with this product.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Clueminati_017
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    There are you tubers I have the utmost respect for because the grind and desire they have like Live King, Smooove, and there's a list of others. I use to play ball before getting hurt, and I too want to see them go full sim. That's why I pointed out former devs there went to 2K, and along with former members of the community. These guy's are doing a great where they're at whether it's 2K, Capcom, Ubisoft, or whatever. Which some of those are former community managers. NLSC on their podcast spoke about it weeks ago, and they hit things on the head. 2K still got some bugs that never been fixed when I was playing MyCareer Mode, but their game is never perfect. Which I can't be bias because that's not what I am, and truth be told there are people that want to see a an actual basketball game. Not with the "ooohs", "ahhhs", and "wows" because it's like the Simpsons episode according to Arcane on the podcast. It's the same doll, but it got a new hat that makes fans go crazy. Basically it's the same game, but for EA's sake? Like I said they have to go all in now, and listen to the people and everybody. Especially where a member of the community is now signed to them. Don't go out thinking mobile is great, and it's a good game app which is true. As of right now it's a shot in the dark, and go full sim without thinking your creation is the best method. Does the business terminology the "Kaizen Method" mean anything? It's time to change the style up.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • I think in NBA Live 17 there should be a feature that's called Nothing but net Mondays. This will give us the chance to be featured in a top ten weekly contest to see who's been making the best jump shots over time. I hope this sounds fun to others.
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  • Clueminati_017
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    Real talk. Before OG, and I have been to numerous events until they suddenly want people new. I was the defaulted guy in ways, but that's a different story. Seriously, before OG. Mike Wang aka Beluba was there when he left 2K for the first time, and he was going to be lead developer for NBA LIVE where I have seen him back in NCAA Basketball Community Day Event up in EA Canada. His idea was that the game [NBA LIVE] is there to it's best, and he said to them that this game should be sim. They laughed at him and said no directly to him. Mike Wang aka Beluba was 2K just like how he was when he created Kobe Bryant's Full Court Basketball. Flight got his own way to deliver his style, and yeah he was gassing up EA until he switched up praising 2K in recent videos. Which he does want a better basketball game between the two.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Well, at this point, I'm just looking for it to actually be released...

    If/when it actually is released, I'd like the following:
    -Online league. Doesn't even have to be that in-depth, just something where 30 of us online guys can grab a team, make a few trades if we desire, sign a free agent or two and compete for the championship. Have fantasy draft be an option, obviously.

    -LUT leaderboard or tournaments. Ultimate team is a money maker so expending resources to add some life to the mode shouldn't be too much to ask for. Just add something else to do besides grinding boring solo games or random head to head play.

    Additional LUT idea: I would like to see the mode not abandoned once the playoffs start. Live 15 was great with content releases whereas Live 16 was left for dead.

    -Online team play. Anyone that played Live 09 and/or 10 online played this and had fun. I don't care about creating my own player or playing on real-life parks, just bring this back exactly how it was in previous versions of Live. Real NBA teams, full-length games, easy to join & use lobby to get games started unlike Pro-Am in Live 16.

    Basically, what I'm looking for is more game modes because the recent Live's have been incredibly bare bones. These aren't even out-of-this world ideas that would be hard to implement, just modes that were previously in Live but were never added back...

    ...well, add them back. It's almost 2017 for f***s sake and the games from eight/nine years ago were better.
  • Clueminati_017
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    edited October 2016
    Besides saying more Pro Am depth? I see where they were doing more legendary parks, and I say keep adding more depths to the park. Add more animation as well to give it that NBA Street feel for the NBA Street fans that says this is what a playground style basketball is like. Remember the choreographs of Skillz; King Handles; Exile aka Yung Wun; Main Event; and even Carmelo Anthony was doing choreographs to the game. MyPark got The Professor and members of Ball 4 Real on there, but if EA can do their Pro Am like that how it was back then even when I requested members of Da Notic and YBA as parts for NBA Street? Then they can do the same with Pro Am where Jamario Moon was a motion cap dunker for NBA LIVE 17.

    I bet some of you guys did not know that Bdot Adot also done motion capture shooting animation for both NBA LIVE 17 and NBA 2K17. So, since we're now in the 3rd quarter, I think there should be some information rolling.

    But I do agree on the ideas k1nGj0hN03 spoke about, and I think that should be needed within this game. Even if you add it like FIFA style online leaderboard style? With a better control of the server without people constantly running with the same team cheesing (which I know there's going to be some Golden State trolls)?
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Since I'm on here now, I might as well post


    – Add commentary fillers (I like why X-player is doing this based off mismatch) eg.
    More Jeff Van Gundy coaching strategies. Discuss what type of plays he would run in at certain times during the game
    – Go through some actual ESPN “organic” commentary, especially duing big plays, and add them to the current structure.
    – Crowd really needs fine tuned. We always talk about NBA Live 10’s crowd. Perfect crowd from any video games to date.
    – Promote +/- stats in game, they’re really an under rated stat in the game. Sometimes you need to know who’s impacting the game vs who’s not
    – Sometimes fouls don’t show on the screen, and commentators don’t know what a player might have 3 fouls. Important stats in the game shouldn’t go unnoticed
    – Ability to change your line up between quarters. If there’s no way of implementing is, just do what NHL does and include the pause screen, to allow us to change line ups. It’s frustrating because the CPU can do it, but the user can’t.
    – Add more personality to the game. 2-5 player celebration animation.
    – Slow motion replays between quarters are horrible. Rather see the plays in full motion, with a better camera angles
    – More cameras in general *Have the cameras follow the play rather than the ball eg. ESPN camera. It causes a lot of hiccups. Pan and zoom should be the standard for ALL cameras in the game, with the ability to edit zoom and height.
    – Bring back wired, although not necessary
    – REAL TIME substitutions, post whistle player engagements eg. talking to coaches, refs etc. Similar to what they have in FIFA, when in-bounding the ball. It’s in the game, just need to be MUCH better.

    – Allow custom rosters, player & ratings editing. Weekly updated rosters should only be available for online modes, custom for offline modes
    – Keep adding more animations that make basketball sense, tripping animations especially
    – Slow the regular game play down, and add more speed an acceleration to the game, speed sliders would be nice
    – Tired Players. Very tired players should be more visible in the game. Have them walking back on defense to show the disparity. Give users more reasons to call a time out. This would be ideal in Dynasty.
    – Better ways to dictate pace in the game. Foot planting should be felt, jumping and cuts should be organic. More collisions in the open court, loose balls, unpredictbale game play
    – Get rid of those sky high hook shot cheese, and have more use of bank shots, and lay ups off the glass
    – More in the paint animations, turnaround fade aways, post moves. More banging down low in the paint. Try not to have that ‘slow down’ effect in the paint. Plays should feel organic and fast. Show case the block in an “X-Mo” type camera to show physics and detailed graphics.
    – Players play like their real life counterparts. Different types of personalities. Kawhi behaves like Kawhi, DMC behaves like DMC etc.
    – Player in-game injuries for tip off, dynasty & Ultimate Team. Have healing cards, similar to NHL for Ultimate Team.
    – Better/Improved Basketball AI. Chris Paul shouldn’t be taking 25 shots a game at times. – Better use of Synergy, and the ability to turn Synergy off for offline gaming.
    – More freedom in general for USERS.
    – The ability to create and draw up our own plays
  • wtferrell
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    Good to see you posting over here ThaLiveKing. All solid suggestions.
  • Michael Jordan in the game with genuine moves. Jump shoot, fadeaways, dunks. Make him in the game better than 2k. Get the licence EA, I think it`s time, waiting from 2004! Huge fan of MJ, only reason that I play 2k series it`s MJ. EA series didn`t have MJ in the game so long already. Before I was NBA Live sympathizer, big. If EA want to be near 2k, putting MJ in the game you will start to be competitive. It`s only matter of time that you will hit the gameplay, doing very good job with FIFA, but without MJ in the game you will always be the 2nd game for basketball fans.
  • imo the only thing EA needs to consider doing, is visiting a certain reddit thread and read/view all of the nonsensical issues of a certain competitors product[/i] just to be sure of problems and things to avoid as development continues for live 17's platform release. In fact I urge EA and its live developers to do so.

    What better set of eyes to have on the market and competition. Please view and read the thread to see what to avoid, what to do the opposite of, and what to consider moving forward as the community is excited for Live 17 platform release.

    Please regain which is rightfully yours - the virtual gaming thrown of all sports.

    The people need you...
  • I'm still waiting to see the game advertised. We have waited long enough.....
  • clueminati how long have you been on these boards. your name sounds familiar. I'm returning back from nba live 10. I believe, just purchased it again still better than that 2k stuff.
  • I hope that NBA All-star weekend makes a return.
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  • Clueminati_017
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    moe71 wrote: »
    clueminati how long have you been on these boards. your name sounds familiar. I'm returning back from nba live 10. I believe, just purchased it again still better than that 2k stuff.

    11 years and now retired.

    I've resigned yesterday.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Clueminati_017
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    LiveKing said something that sticks out more than the most. The player personalities of their behavior in game reality, and you can add lack of depth in the ESPN Integration that's provided. I remember back in my run, and I can recall how much this hold so much value. NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball both had CBS / ESPN Integration which gives you the environment of real sports broadcasting generated in the sports world. Which LIVE went away from that, and especially when you look at both NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC. I have made a previous post on a Game Changer's thread topic on other things LIVE went away from if they just implemented what made the game, and what made them on who they were. I know you guys got some thoughts on what feature, or what improvement that made LIVE. This is like a listen and reach out moment.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • happy trails
  • Clueminati_017
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    moe71 wrote: »
    happy trails

    Thanks Moe.
    xavi691 wrote: »
    NBA2K17 will be great i'm excited ...

    NBA 2K17 is already out. I for one have a love - hate moment with the game so far. Which that's why I traded it in for Mafia 3. Yes, it's another Take 2 game, but I now may be having Mafia 3 collect dust where I just got Battlefield I on the midnight release. Which I love it!
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • haven't played in years but my take on 2K vs Live was always 2k was always easy. no defense, shots always went in. I occasionally stop in gamestop and I find it funny that I can beat people that play 2k.plan on purchasing my xbox one just for Live.
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