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NBA Live 18 wishlist.


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    Mycareer Interactive Trophy Presentation make it so we can control our player and walk to the podium to get the trophy, walk around the arena floor celebrating with the trophy, highfiving and chest bumping teammates, standing on top of scoring table pumping up the crowd. When you've played an entire league season you deserve more than a 5 minute cut scene to end your season

    standing ovations from home fans when a player gets up from injury or returns from injury. Also if a star/role player has a big game in a blowout and is subbed out should get a standing ovation

    During timeouts they should show animated commentators talking

    Post game analysis by animated commentaters should show barely any fans in arena. Just have commentaters discussing basic stuff like what both teams need to work on

    During freethrow shot show a cutscene of player X discussing things over with the referee sometimes for example a foul called against him

    during the finals show a cutscene of the league commissioner in attendance and have a sit-down interview with him. Could be a voice over and not his real voice

    For MYGM have a tribute night for the Legends where they are honored pregame and maybe show live footage of their highlights

    During timeouts have a little camera box on the bottom right part of the screen showing highlights sometimes

    When a player gets hurt show him getting helped by trainers all the way to the lockeroom in a picture in picture box window and if injury not serious show trainer getting him stretched or iced up near the bench area

    During halftime when players are walking off the court I want them high fiving home fans and too be heckled,booed by away fans. You should show a cutscene of the away fans animating the boo sign while players walk off the court

    With the picture in picture box window during timeouts you guys can be creative with it by having 3 picture in picture box windows. One picture would have in game highlights another picture would have cheerleaders dancing. The third picture would have animated commentators maybe discussing the highlights or going through the stats of the game. While on the big picture would be the players huddled up with their coach
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    Have coaches writing on clipboard during timeout's.

    Add a sports ticker that show's other game scores around the league and scheduled tip-off times the game's around the league will be playing especially during freethrow attempts and timeouts.

    More stat overlay's during game's showing win streaks, losing streaks, league leaders and more stats in general etc.

    Being able to call timeouts midair when ball goes out of bounds or attempt to throw ball off of of other team players. Just thinking maybe things could move in slow motion for a bit, just brainstorming on this idea off the top of my head please expand on this further.

    This rating, badge, tendency or option is for bigman like Ben Simmons, Draymond Green that like to push the ball in transition after a rebound, there should be a rating, badge, tendency or option for players like that. "Bigman one man fastbreaks"

    Pre game presentation show players in dressing room with headphones putting on their sneakers

    Post game interviews in locker room for regular season games

    Pre game presentation have players rocking their suits/glasses/head phones coming to the games in the walk way area at the arena

    Post game interviews have players rockin their signature fashion glasses/suits/watches

    Add the champagne shower celebration in the locker room when you win conference/finals games on the road

    Post game trophy ceremony for MVPs of all star game

    Pre game players huddled together giving motivational speeches

    Post game interaction with crowds throwing jersey in to the stands, high fiving fans and signing sneakers and posters

    Pre game presentation show announcers talking

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    Not every team pushes the ball on a break so how about this idea. Have a walk the ball up the court/fastbreak tendency for user/cpu for sometimes you want CPU to just slow things down ( MIGHT BE CONTROLLED BY COACHING TENDENCY)

    Call this rarely but flop button for the offensive player to draw fouls. For example james harden is driving into the lane with shotblocker like deandre jordan in the lane so double tap B button to initiate contact with defender and you end up grabbing your head in pain or flailing your arms or you end up falling on the floor. Make this a risk reward where not all the time you get the call and by flopping you risk turning over the ball

    Reggie Miller leg kickout animation included in flop button on jumshots. Have it rarely called but it just adds a new layer to game play

    The little things add championship gear to players that win the last two rounds of the playoffs and maybe the NBA champions photo pose.

    NBA won't allow this in game but
    Tripping Foul calls ala Grayson Allen of Duke

    This might already be in the game, we'll I know that the crowd in the game already stands up during end of game situations. But how about a big shot during the end of game you should have to crowd standing up actually jumping up and down punching their fist in the air in excitement

    Referee Mode where you have the ability to officiate the game from all 3 of the referees eyes. All you do is press X to change from one referee eye view to the next referee eye view. Also you have one button for whistle and your able to select the foul or violation. For fouls/violations there will be colored markers underneath player that lights up a certain color alerting you of the foul/violation. For example red =travel, blue=blocking foul you'll have a certain time limit to call the foul/violation. For plays in the paint the camera would zoom in on the action and the game would slow down at the point of contact and it will be up to your discernment if the contact was a foul or not. Your performance would be graded on how accurate you are in calling fouls/violations between the time limit. Please expand on this great idea further, instead of colors underneath player it will be a random button that pops up randomly underneath player that you have to press before time lapses. So if it says press button B for the foul you have press it before button under player disappears. Every game you recieve scores your high scores are based on how accurate you are calling fouls. Your also competing against other fictional referee crews around the league. The referee crews with high scores get to referee the playoffs and the remaining crew with the highest score get to referee the finals

    Make games more chippy and dirtier ex after a hard foul players confront each other ref steps in to break confrontation

    Have bench players interact with in game players walking to the bench with high fives and chest bumps

    Option to play the pre-game shootaround drill option to turn it off as well. Before the tip off ala College Hoops 2k8.

    Players utilizing and getting away with moving screens ala draymond green

    Players hands slapping backboard on missed block attempt in the low post area (The Little Things)

    For playoff presentation when a game is over show a camera shot or cutscene facing the team walking through the tunnels untucking their jerseys like a real life presentation. If its the losing team have them walking through the tunnels with their heads down with untucked jerseys

    Program the AI to perform drive and kick ending with a touch pass shot. Also more pullup j's off of pick and roll for players like steph curry, damian lillard and brandon knight

    Add NBA players signature handshakes

    Make it rare but possible to bait the offensive player into a offensive foul by using the flop button. If abused in game you could recieve fines

    Protect the ball animation after rebound you should be able to press a button to protect the ball from being stripped

    players/coaches should be seen signaling timeouts in animations

    a button or badge for players that use their off-hand on drives to create seperation like melo/pierce

    Add this animation in the game where the offensive player hold's the ball like a football runningback when driving to the hoop

    The little things when a player falls to the ground I want them to get up and brace their wrist shaking it a little wincing in pain like its hurt and checking their fingers like if they jammed them. They don't need to miss any plays because of it but little things like this go a long way when it comes to immersion

    Recreating certain era dunk contests from the 1990's era Jordan freethrow line dunk to the 2000's era dunk contest with Vince Carter. Even the 2008 dunk contest with Dwight Howard dressed as superman recreating his dunk moments

    layup modifier I want to be able to place the basketball during a layup/floater high off the glass

  • Wish list for nba live 18

    -A story mode for career mode
    -Better Defense
    -Edit shoes and clothes/ say for example if you get up endorsement from a brand you should be able to customize and make your own shirt or shorts and jeans and added any shoe that's on the game
    - trade and sell Apparel in Gear to friends another gamers/say for example if you created a custom shoes you should be able to sell it to your friends and other gamers and make a profit in points or in your career mode it would be your jersey sales your friends could be able to buy and trade in the NBA Store
    - NBA All-star weekend/the full week and everything that happens in that weekend should be in the game including the celebrity game
    - better griphics, try to get the players to look real as possible
    - expansion League/ bring back old teams and play with them as they was in the NBA today
    - DJ Drama for the soundtrack
    - the USA team the D-League teams
    - edited The rosters and trade players
  • You guys should make it too where we can see how many games we won and lost...
  • My NBA Live 18 Wishlist

    Please focus on gameplay and game modes first

    To make this game perfect you should add crazier dribble moves like dribbling through their legs and disrespectful block animations like the Mutombo finger wag after a block
    Grabbing a bad shot attempt out of the air instead of blocking it
    Contested shots should be go in at a higher rate but the defensive side should have more vertical and be able to block shots (only If their height and vertical is high enough)

    Please restrict certain animations based on Height stats and weight

    I would like to see more game modes like:
    1 vs 1
    2vs 2
    3 vs 3
    Dunk contest
    A game of 21
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  • Give us the ability to pump up the crowd with any player.
  • Need more animations across the board, signature free throws, dunks, dribbles everything. We need edit rosters.
  • I hope the NBA Live developers produce a game like the NBA 2K legend edition with gameplay that takes NBA 2K's crown away from them with a decent sales price. Unlike the $149.00 rip off edition. :)
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Michael Jordan with geniue moves, how he deserves!
  • Can anyone tell me if NBA Live for PC can be played with a Logitech Gampepad?
  • The NBA Live Online version seems to require you play with the keyboard.
  • Here is my NBA Live 18 wishlist and must-haves for me to take Live 18 over 2K18:


    Connected Franchise:

    1. Max characters: 150 (5 per team, meaning all 30 teams can be user teams)
    2. Allow relocation only if you choose to be an owner of the team
    3. On choosing characters, you can choose to be 1-5 players, 1 head coach (There is only one head coach), 1-5 assistant coaches, 1 general manager (There is only one general manager) or 1 owner (There is only one owner in the virtual game). For example, if you want a players only league, and your user team is the Milwaukee Bucks, you can go with Malcolm Brogdon, Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton, Thon Maker or Giannis Antetokounmpo.
    4. If a player retires, they must automatically go to the staff menu and be able to be your NBA Scout, Head Scout, Prospect Scout, Assistant Coach, Head Coach, Assistant GM, and GM. Owner is only permitted to user-controlled player characters.


    European Leagues will all European Domestic basketball leagues, Turkish Airlines Euroleague, EuroCup, FIBA Basketball Champions League and FIBA Europe Cup in NBA Live 18.
  • a possible fight sequence which would be activated if a person was dunked on or broken and the player talks trash to them, stare downs, reliving great moments like the chase down block from last year by lebron, a gta type of interactive driving mode like @Crunkysbrinch said, and you could go to a ea sponsored shoe store to buy shoes, a store to buy Gatorade which would need to be brought to games, at the gym it should be online so you can see other people working, and a separate room for studying opponents game which would boost your IQ or knowledge about a certain player, and once you had enough money you could get a personal trainer to teach you moves which you could use in the game. also in order to cut or put highlights or dye in your hair you would have to go to a barber or hair place. You should also be able to drive friends to go and play in your court or practice gym from your team and play. and if not fully interactive driving, it could be a camera following your player as hes driving, for example, like a taxi driving you in gta except you couldn't do anything except change the radio. they should also make it so when you are talking in your mic it would make it so lets say you complain to your friends over a bad call the ref would sometimes call a technical foul on your player, also lets say you and your friend are at their own house, but your player is on the kings (lets say) and the friends player is on the kings, you could play with them at the same time in a The One career game on the same team, and vice versa if they were on a different team in which you were playing against.
  • I have been a big 2K baller and have attempted to get into NBA Live multiple times but have failed.

    My biggest concern was the janky controls and camera. Posting up, calling for a pick, boxing out, driving into the lane all seem janky and as if there was no smoothness to it.

    My suggestion is to allow us to customize the controls to help our expierence better. As a 2k player, If I could have the 2k controls and the 2k camera I could play NBA Live everyday and would actually consider buying it.

    My goal is not to bash NBA LIVE but try to find middle ground. I know their is a camera similar to the 2k camera but even that is janky. I hope that EA listens to feedback and can try to work in a custom control option and a better camera.
  • db57
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    I'm liking the archetypes just one suggestion on the back court defender change one of his traits from rebounding to quick pass since one of his primary skills is passing
  • I just want gaming companies like EA and 2K to release demos for PC, even though it is a small percentage of users.
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    Please put in away for players to choose either to finish layup or dunk with left hand, right hand, two hand or a flashy dunk I want complete control over a slasher don't want the game to just choose dunks for me
  • Michael Jordan in NBA live, really missing in the game! EA please, make it happend!!
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