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NBA Live 18 wishlist.

I have 5 and only 5 ideas that I thought at least 1 would be a good fit for NBA Live 18. My ideas as follows:
#1 Minute duels.

#2 Rehabilitation projects.

#3 Create a hook shot.

#4 Hustle play recaps.

#5 Strobe-Light training.

Thanks for viewing my ideas, and I hope at least 1 gets in the game. Thanks.
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  • 17 isn't out yet and you're already talking about 18?
  • It's called Thinking ahead. :D
    Madden fan since 93.
  • The layout of the situation and the placement of the release and significants of the delay comes into play and the direction is clear we the #NLVC broke everything down so the masses can understand the situation. Now there is a possibility that Live will come out from here on end at midseason or we will get games in 17 or 18 will be delayed until the fall for 19 so the possibilities are endless. @Prime_76 or go to Y.T .......Prime76
    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
  • 17 isn't coming out let's face it we've waited for 4 extra months now still no news from EA
  • 1. We need an option to tilt the floor if for example we see lebron isolating on one side of the court, we can hit quick play "Tilt Floor", which will tell all weakside defenders to sag off their man and be ready to bring immediate help against lebron if he decides to go to the basket

    2. There should be a "Double-Off ___ player" option. For example if I'm playing the grizzlies and Z-Bo gets the ball down-low, I want to be able to set my defensive settings for Tony Allen to "Double-off Tony Allen". So that the player defending Tony Allen is the one who comes over for the double team, not the guy guarding Mike Conley who can actually shoot.

    3. Introduce something similar to the VIP system where we could download online players or our own VIP profiles and assign them to any team. To prepare us on that players tendencies or just to give us the feeling of playing online, offline against the cpu

    This idea is about the VIP System or Adaptive AI for RisingStar mode and Dynasty mode. It would be cool if the ai was able to adapt to your playstyle in Dynasty mode and RisingStar mode using your season tendencies and gameplanning against that. Like putting a certain defender on player X or attacking a player on defense that has been giving up alot of points recently. If there is favorite spot you like to score from the ai would adapt and have a help defender zone you or if your in a cold shooting slump the defender will sag off of you. This will all possible if you brought in the VIP system the competition had years ago.

    4. Not every team pushes the ball on a break so how about this idea. Have a walk the ball up the court/fastbreak tendency for user/cpu for sometimes you want CPU to just slow things down ( MIGHT BE CONTROLLED BY COACHING TENDENCY)

    5. Being able to call timeouts midair when ball goes out of bounds or attempt to throw ball off of of other team players. Just thinking maybe things could move in slow motion for a bit, just brainstorming on this idea off the top of my head please NBA Live expand on this further.

    6. There should be a switch button for ex rondo is guarding lebron I should be able to run over with butler and press the switch button to get rondo to switch. It would really help on pick and roll defense

    7. This rating, badge, tendency or option is for bigman like Ben Simmons, Draymond Green that like to push the ball in transition after a rebound, there should be a rating, badge, tendency or option for players like that. "Bigman one man fastbreaks"

    8. Also, we should have a sort of "Help Defense Attention" meter for every player in the Coaching section of the pause menu. So, like, if we're playing against Cleveland, we can set LeBron's Help Defense Attention to 100, so that everyone will be focused on bringing help defense when he drives, but we can set jr smith to like 50, so when he drives, help defense will come, but not as strong as when LeBron drives.

    That's how it works in real life. As of now, our only option is to set help defense strength to the same value for everybody, so that the help on a jr smith drive will look the same as on a James drive.

    Hell, to even add to that, if you set someone to 100, the defense should shade, tilt the court, whatever you wanna call it, toward that player when he gets the ball in position to make a play (i.e., at or inside the three-point line).
  • 1. This idea is for SimHeads, Player Breather Meter for players that abuse the turbo button. Similar to how the gatorade icon pops up warning you of your fatigue level, this instead will have a meter warning you to take a breather. Just like in real life players will take plays off when their winded, the same result will take place in the game but as you become stationary and layoff the turbo your players breather meter will regenerate. Once you abuse the turbo again the meter will decrease leaving your player with signs of sluggishness.

    As the meter depletes fully it leaves your player vulnerable on the offense affecting the players strength in the post position and boxing out. On defense a winded player will be more susceptible to fouling offensive player for example hand-checking fouls on defense and holding offensive cutter like players do in real life when they need a breather. As an off-ball player for both offense and defense your player will compensate by having moments of bending down hands on knees gasping for air. Please expand on this idea further

    1. User Controlled tap back rebounds
    6. Ability to split the defense on a pick and roll 12. Manually trigger a protect the ball animation when driving to the hoop ex marbury
    13. Alley Oop spin out post position animation like Blake griffin
    14. More signature walk/run animations, dribbling, layup and post up
    19. Hack a Shaq strategy should only be used in the last in the 4th qtr to avoid cheesing
    21. Add an animation to completely stuff a dunk at the highest point by going straight

    1. NBA TNT style presentation and abc
    2. For Franchise add a weekly wrap up show like NFL 2k5
    5. Pre game presentation show players in dressing room with headphones putting on their sneakers
    7. Add press conference interviews for playoffs/final games
    8. Post game interviews in locker room for regular season games
    9. Pre game presentation show announcers talking
    10. Post game interaction with crowds throwing jersey in to the stands, high fiving fans and signing sneakers and posters
    14. Pre game presentation have players rocking their suits/glasses/head phones coming to the games in the walk way area at the arena
    15. Post game interviews have players rockin their signature fashion glasses/suits/watches
    16. Add the champagne shower celebration in the locker room when you win conference/finals games on the road
    17. Post game trophy ceremony for MVPs of all star game
    18. Show the curry family watching from the stands
    19. Pre game players huddled together giving motivational speeches

    Miscellaneous Wishlist Pt1

    1. Dynamic hairstyles
    2. Keep all the face scan models in and let us choose in player edit
    3. Option too edit jersey tight or loose
    4. Option to edit arm muscle,calf muscle and chest muscle
    5. Up the intensity/atmosphere being played in the playoffs/finals
    6. Summerleague, d league and euro league
    7. Bring back coach mode
    8. Option to edit shorts length
    10. Sports ticker
    11. Add all star weekend Mode
    12. Dynamic Accessories for ex lebron sometimes rocks his sleeve on the right or left
    14. Dynamic Difficulty no need for sliders game adapts to your skill level like mlb 14 the show
  • 1. Referee Mode where you have the ability to officiate the game from all 3 of the referees eyes. All you do is press X to change from one referee eye view to the next referee eye view. Also you have one button for whistle and your able to select the foul or violation. For fouls/violations there will be colored markers underneath player that lights up a certain color alerting you of the foul/violation. For example red =travel, blue=blocking foul you'll have a certain time limit to call the foul/violation. For plays in the paint the camera would zoom in on the action and the game would slow down at the point of contact and it will be up to your discernment if the contact was a foul or not. Your performance would be graded on how accurate you are in calling fouls/violations between the time limit. Please expand on this great idea further, instead of colors underneath player it will be a random button that pops up randomly underneath player that you have to press before time lapses. So if it says press button B for the foul you have press it before button under player disappears. Every game you recieve scores your high scores are based on how accurate you are calling fouls. Your also competing against other fictional referee crews around the league. The referee crews with high scores get to referee the playoffs and the remaining crew with the highest score get to referee the finals

    2. Call this rarely but flop button for the offensive player to draw fouls. For example james harden is driving into the lane with shotblocker like deandre jordan in the lane so double tap B button to initiate contact with defender and you end up grabbing your head in pain or flailing your arms or you end up falling on the floor. Make this a risk reward where not all the time you get the call and by flopping you risk turning over the ball

    3. Reggie Miller leg kickout animation included in flop button on jumshots. Have it rarely called but it just adds a new layer to game play

    4. For classic teams how about some old school presentation, example NBA on NBC theme tune and how about add generic commentators to freshen things up

    5. Better halftime analysis, have game breakdown rather than random clips, breakdown the 1st and 2nd quarters for the halftime show, 3rd, 4th and overall game for the post game show analysis

    6. The little things add championship gear to players that win the last two rounds of the playoffs

    7. Tripping Foul calls ala Grayson Allen of Duke

    8. This might already be in the game, we'll I know that the crowd in the game already stands up during end of game situations. But how about a big shot during the end of game you should have to crowd standing up actually jumping up and down punching their fist in the air in excitement

    9. Implement player headfakes

    The Little Things Wishlist Pt1

    1. Players/Coaches that complain to the ref should recieve technicals
    3. Players dropping accessories on the court floor for ex headbands after a hard foul
    4. More highfiving teamates after trying to score on foul calls
    6. During player interview segments have players wiping their head with a towel and have players change posture bending forward to hear sideline reporter better due to crowd noise
    8. Make games more chippy and dirtier ex after a hard foul players confront each other ref steps in to break confrontation
    9. Have bench players interact with in game players walking to the bench with high fives and chest bumps
    10. Add this layup animation where player leads with their knee causing an offensive foul
    11. Power dribble animation after an offensive rebound or a pass

    1. Dynamic Ref Crew Personality Badges/Tendencies. 3 different Ref crews, one ref crew calls game tight the other lets you get away with contact/shoves/jersey holding and the other calls the game 50/50.

    2. Option to play the pre-game shootaround drill option to turn it off as well. Before the tip off

    3. Add ricky rubio fake behind pass into layup animation (The Little Things)

    4. In a blowout win or loss and james harden is pulled out for the rest of the game have him laying down on his back near the bench area (The Little Things)

    5. Players utilizing and getting away with moving screens ala draymond green

    6. Players hands slapping backboard on missed block attempt in the low post area (The Little Things)

    7. Recreating certain era dunk contests from the 1990's era Jordan freethrow line dunk to the 2000's era dunk contest with Vince Carter. Even the 2008 dunk contest with Dwight Howard dressed as superman recreating his dunk moments

    8. During freethrow shot show a cutscene of player X discussing things over with the referee sometimes for example a foul called against him

    9. For playoff presentation when a game is over show a camera shot or cutscene facing the team walking through the tunnels untucking their jerseys like a real life presentation. If its the losing team have them walking through the tunnels with their heads down with untucked jerseys

    10. Program the AI to perform drive and kick ending with a touch pass shot. Also more pullup j's off of pick and roll for players like steph curry, damian lillard and brandon knight
  • 1. Risingstar Interactive Trophy Presentation make it so we can control our player and walk to the podium to get the trophy, walk around the arena floor celebrating with the trophy, highfiving and chest bumping teammates, standing on top of scoring table pumping up the crowd. When you've played an entire league season you deserve more than a 5 minute cut scene to end your season

    3. We need better representation of players that position their bodies in angles, maneuvering their bodies through tight windows in traffic like kyrie irving and james harden. Maybe utilize what Fifa has with precision control modifiers

    4. In Risingstar mode there should be an isolation button that we can use while on defense for situations when we don't want any help and when we want our teammates to just stay on their man

    5. Make it rare but possible to bait the offensive player into a offensive foul by using the flop button. If abused in game you could recieve fines in your Franchise and RisingStar. Implementing this idea will add a new element to gameplay

    6. The little things players crashing into the padding under the basket (Might Be In Game)

    7. Have the players in the rising stars challenge game wear their respective team jerseys during all star weekend instead of the black and white jerseys in the game

    1) protect the ball animation after rebound you should be able to press a button to protect the ball from being stripped

    2) ability to designate who you want to inbound ball

    5) players/coaches should be seen signaling timeouts in animations

    6) refs reversing calls when looking at a replay uncertain on which player touched the ball before it went out of bounds, and have the commentaters trying to figure it out as well

    7) standing ovations from home fans when a player gets up from injury or returns from injury. Also if a star/role player has a big game in a blowout and is subbed out should get a standing ovation

    8) a button or badge for players that use their off-hand on drives to create seperation like melo/pierce

    11) For Franchise and Rising Star show top 10 visual highlights for plays of the day/week/month - and after the finals - show plays of the year + plays of the year/highlight reel for the team who wins the finals (+ nightly game recaps and highlights, something similar to Sportscenter). For pre-game highlights show the game last played against the team your facing previous meeting against them highlights for the season and playoffs/finals

    12) I'd also like to see some player/ref, coaches/ref, coaches/player interaction. Refs breaking up two players jawing. Players talking to refs during dead balls. Coaches in ref ear after a bad foul call during dead ball. One player talking to coach during freethrow attempt, etc. Coaches getting emotional to bad foul calls having to be restrained by assistant coaches. Coaches recieving warning/technical for walking outside of coaches box to talk to ref

    Miscellaneous Wishlist Pt2

    1. Ability to share face scans/created players online
    2. Have a arcade/sim mode for offline and online players
    3. Ability too stash players overseas
    5. Ability to turn off cutscenes
    7. Relive NBA stars greatest game mode ex Kobe 81pt game
    8. Add an olympic/world cup or fiba game mode
    10. Flop button for offense/defense fines for flopping in Risingstar and Franchise
    11. Ejections/suspensions should be added
    12. Since we have footplanting a Change of Direction speed attribute COD needs to be in
    13. Leadership rating have players with high rating motioning/directing players on offense/defense gesturing and pointing players to be in better position
    15. Share Custom Shoes online

    1. During timeouts have a little camera box on the bottom right part of the screen showing highlights sometimes

    2. After halftime show animated commentaters discussing stats and then have it cut to the sideline reporter discussing coaches gameplan etc. Just like how a real life broadcast is done in the nba

    4. Coaches should recieve a sideline warning or a technical for walking outside the coaches box to argue a call with a referee

    5. The little things when a player performs a euro step or hop step the defensive player should signal a travel violation animation in protest

    6. The little things players lined up away from freethrow line while his teammate shoots freethrows will sometimes orchestrate or direct another teammate where to line-up or to switch with him

    7. When a player shoots an airball the opposing crowd needs to chant " Airball.....Airball"

    8. Be able to take charges with your hands up

    9. The little things prior to an inbound pass from the sideline or baseline players will sometimes gesture a playcall animation ( holding their hands up to form a box or triangle)

    10. Have AI use Rolling inbounds pass to save time on the clock
  • EA if you want my complete Wishlist you could read it at OS the NBA Live 17 Wishlist thread.
  • NBA Live missing animations.

    Protect ball while driving like Stephon Marbury
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Nnkp9KQcN4c&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Power Dribble
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AejAzKYJiHE&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Ability to split the defense on a pick and roll
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/79gNC0BdPlo&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Alley Oop spin out post position animation like Blake griffin
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xdSeL9N2Yrs&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Reverse AlleyOop Dunk
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xpVF6DEUl4o&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Sorry about that I'll repost.

    NBA Live missing moves

    Protect ball while driving like Stephon Marbury

    Power Dribble

    Ability to split the defense on a pick and roll

    Alley Oop spin out post position animation like Blake griffin

    Reverse AlleyOop Dunk
  • Clueminati_017
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    It's better off to see what we all see in 18, and then shoot for a wish list for NBA LIVE 19. Which that'll give us a better look on what needs to be in the game, or adjusted before we conduct on what can be on 18. The thing is that 17 was never ready, and I was under the impression that it can be released by all-star weekend. I think waiting to see what 18 would have that's when the wish list should be immediately in play.

    I mean messaging the CM, the mods, and the developers nonstop.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • They seriously need to be innovative I'm talking a grand theft auto style career mode where you could drive around to your home or to the home arena. Have a cell phone a laptop for on the go and a computer for home. Have minigames at your house like a pool table stuff like that. Also a barbershop you could drive to. Different venues in the community maybe walking distance like movie theaters with movies included in game, a gym to work out to build muscle or get lean and ripped or have film study breaking down your opponent on film for the upcoming game, basically stuff like that.
    Here's a basic version of my idea.

    Create your Crib in RisingStar and make it interactive - A Door: to play your next game - A Computer: is your NBA .com - A Closet: is your edit player - A Television: could be your highlight or recap of the week in the NBA - A Bed: where you can simulate to the next day - A GYM: where you can edit and assign your skill points and do drills - A Shrine: as you complete milestones and win awards - A Phone: so you can contact your teammates, your coach and agent - Mini games: like playing pool, poker that you can play in your spare time

    Let's get innovative how about during halftime shoot a halfcourt shot with a fan for a cash prize.

    NBA Live 18 has to have an All Star Game Mode with Dunk Contest instead of having to SIM midseason just to play it we can have it as a game mode.

    Can we finally get some towels in the game.

    Have cut stoppages like real life.

    Have NBA players sitting courtside during dunk contest celebrating, jumping out of their seats giving that holy ish face like Kevin Garnett did in that picture.

    Have players who seriously injured their lowered extremities carried off the court and wheeled in a wheelchair to the lockeroom.

    Make the sideline's and baseline more interactive jumping into crowds to save loose balls, jumping into cameraman etc.

    Coaches being restrained, receiving technicals and ejections has to be put in the game.
  • custom-music.jpg
    Custom Music like MLB The Show needs to be included.

    Referees need to be more than props have player interacting with referees.

    Players interaction with referees during dead ball situations.

    Have coaches talking to referee.
  • Monybal , head To head , sets bla bla .

    Unnecessary items like this are uncomfortable, come direct selling option.
  • The game is starting to spend a lot of internet, can there be a solution?
  • 90+ overall, a set with elite players coming in. We have a lot of skill, we use master players.
  • ErkanTr1903
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    We can sell directly
  • nba_u_rivers_gb1_576.jpg
    Coach showing raw emotion.

    Coaches being restrained.

    Coach yelling at bench player's.

    Coach interacting with referee.

    Coach mentoring player.

    Coach interacting with player.

    Coach yelling at player.
  • drake-nba-all-star-game-coach-810x456.jpg
    I don't care about this idea but have celebrities like Drake at games in Toronto.

    Show shots of coaches calling plays from bench area.

    NBA won't allow this but player to player staredowns.

    NBA won't allow this but players being restrained from going after each other.
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