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hard to get in legend & pro packs

My goodness.! Why is it, soooo...., So very hard to get a reasonable., Nice elite player, legendary player or atleast some of the latest player or collectibles in a 1 or 2x purchase packs, that only those poor guys like me can only purchase.?? Those packs that can be bought by coins hardly earned.! i felt frustrated many times coz its hard to reach the coin prize of a pack but it never gave me a elite player that will make me smile.. just like this previous awards packs., in many times that i bought those packs, i never got a very good one..! i envy my neighbors here coz they always get a 94ovr to 97ovr awards elite players! Damn.!


  • The legend campus player, you need 20 elite trophies and 5 89+ overall campus hero players in exchange for campus legend player of 95 or higher rating. I've completed this set approximately 5 times and never get anyone over 95, like the ray Allen or jerry west players which are 97...
    Why do we never get the top players in the set???
  • Yeah.! Even me.. i never had luck on having even just 1 top player of all those top players they feature in a player packs..! Most of the time, i have to sell some of my elites, just to buy those packs that i keep on hoping to give me luck and have a top player or a player with a high ovrall rating., Or even one of those featured players they showcase everyday or every week..! :(
  • Stop whining!!!!! Play more.....
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