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Multiplayer in NBA Live 18 Franchise

I was trying to play NBA Live 18 but it only allows me to have 1 person play. The other remotes show up but I cannot select a side or click anything with them. It is not an issue with the remotes as they work with other games. Any ideas would help. Thanks


  • They need to add multiple users asap it's incredible that a second remote is unavailable but you can play in play now fix this please
  • I was going to buy this game, but the lack of couch co-op means I'm not going to. Super disappointing policies on couch co-op again EA
  • Please send me an update for nba live 18 to use multiple players in franchise!!! All four remotes show up, but you can only move player 1!!! Please!!! I don’t know how you guys every year screw up something on madden or nba live!!!
  • Are you serious? This game is sold on local head to head being possible and you're telling me that half a year after release it still isn't possible? EA you owe us money... I smell a class action lawsuit in the making
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