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Official Wishlist

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Need something that needs to be tighten up? Lack of accessories? Or there's something lacked, etc. Please post here, and make the next series brings in more heat and so on.
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  • FivePillars114
    40 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    • H2H vs. friends (in LUT and with NBA teams)
    • LUT Seasons, Draft, and Champions (making LUT more like Madden's or FIFA's. If you played them, then you know what I mean!)
    • Have scenarios as challenges in LUT instead of only fully played matches
    • Skill-based ranked ladder tiers in 3v3 (I mentioned this in a couple of other threads so I'll spare you the details unless someone wants them).
    • Local Franchise co-op (multiple users controlling multiple teams in the same franchise).
    • A hybrid between FIFA's Pro Clubs and 2k's Pro-Am where there's pre-made teams, timed matches with official rules, stat tracking, rankings, and seasons.
    • Don't limit us to leveling up 6 traits for our created player.
    • Roster editing (I don't care much about this, but will mention it since it's a popular request)
    • Get rid of loot crates for everything. Let us pick our general gear, but maybe keep legendary and epic crates as exclusive, very rare gear. This could be incorporated into the ranked 3v3 where higher ranked players are awarded exclusive gear over lower ranked players. For example, Diamonds will be awarded exclusive gear over Bronze players at the end of the competitive seasons (yes, like shooters).
    • Player of the Game instead of high point scorer at the end of Live Run
    • Idle boot in Live Run
    • Quit penalty in H2H in both Ranked and LUT (Award the player that didn't quit with a pack of contracts and a win in LUT and a win for Ranked. Give the players that quit a loss).
    • Fix online stability in H2H for both Ranked and LUT
    • Finally, allow us to select our gender for created players. It would be cool if we could choose our path as an NBA or WNBA superstar, then ALL meet up in the parks!

    I love the gameplay and never change the simplicity of the controls:
    • Make passing smoother when swinging the ball (it's a bit inconsistent right now)
    • Ease up on ankle breakers
    • Allow us to pass out of any shot (sometimes can't because of animations)
    • A button to dive for the ball
    • No cut scenes after made baskets in Live Run (slows the game down)
    • More post moves
  • The two main requests that come to my mind are:

    1) Don't let Live Run games (3v3 and 5v5) start until the lobby is completely full.

    2) More unlockable gear for Live Run specifically.

  • Day and night cycles for the live run courts. we have three courts that look the same: Dyckman Goodman and Rucker because of color and time of day. more courts in general especially 3x3. We would like more animations, the demo had more to choose from as far as shots, dribble packages, layups etc. I’d really like to pick from dunk animations individually too live in nba street. It would be nice to buy individual items as another option of purchase rather than gamble on getting the few things I want from a crate and filling my items list with things I’ll never use/wear. Thanks. great job so far
  • Haha well, cross out roster editing from my list. Thanks Dev Team and happy holidays!
  • Local co-op franchise with multiple user teams and multiple users on same team. If they can add all these updates please add this simple feature I need to be able to play with friends and family we together thanks EA
  • Hello EA!
    I have some things that I would wish and would make your game so awesome!

    So here is the list:

    1. Practice facilities ( For example in my career and other modes. It would be cool if you even added some real life facilities for example GSW facility would be cool, there are tons of videos of those facilities and how they look )

    2. Different court when choosing shootaround ( It would be cool if shootaround was not in that studio where you have those screens but in a park of one of your courts where you play in streets when playing the one. It would be totally awesome if you could even choose where to shootauround! )

    3. Better player customization ( an option where you can curve your nose, choose size for your eyes, nose, ears, lips etc. Being able to make your very own player and not by just face scanning and choosing default presets)

    Thank's for being not lazy and listening to your community and improving this game so much, one day I believe that with these kinds of results you will be at the same level as 2k playerwise or even higher!
  • Dejeanmurray
    13 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    1. For whatever reason there is a large amount of players that end up not playing and just standing there. Please insert a way to have these players booted for inactivity.
    2. Please add the option to press back instead of explore item when opening crates.
    3. Insert a practice court to use your created player in the one.
    4. Add the created players league jerseys to be used in the street games as well as the Nike socks.
    5. Tune how players react to a loose ball. Right now most of the time the ball just bounced off of players instead of them attempting to grab it.
    6. Tune the ball movement when it is rolling away. The ball seems to almost come to a really slow stop regardless of how fast the ball is already going out of bounds.
    7. Add 1 to 2 more outfit slots for home and away if possible. I have all these dope fits and have to keep changing my clothes! Haha but seriously.
    8. Change the clutch trait objective to be a large number of game winning shots from a tie break or extended win by 2 scenario (50 or100 maybe) instead of buzzer beater game winners so that this can be achieved in the pro am and live runs as well. Right now it's pretty impossible.
    9. Lastly, please fix the phantom box outs... Someone can press the box out button when they are nowhere near me and I'm sucked into a box out vortex.

    Keep up the good work!
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  • LifeStyle26
    25 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    On the one i would like to see more option for the shooting guard position,
    Have an edit option for the one players so you can change the color of there skin to match there faces.
    Also world like to see us able to unlock the secondary third skills and bump up the rating to 85 keep the primary at 93.
    We need more shooting options and dribbling options.
    Ankle breaker turned down a little bit
    Clutch trait should be a little easier to unlock.
    If you have enough to get the the whole crate there should be an option to get to buy the whte crate instead of going one by one.

  • Bring back crew mode please!!! Begging for a competitive 5 on 5 pro-am with teams! NBA rules apply!
  • Please allow wing scorers to be able to upgrade 3 point scoring and for other positions to be able to do the same for other categories.
  • Nba live 19

    What does nba live franchise need to do to improve it's game in 2019 ?

    NBA Live needs a online mode in the game that can compare and develop into a better online game mode than nba 2k

    With that being said NBA Live needs to evolve the one mode into a more open world type of field as far as when we are at the parks like like Venice Beach and Rucker Park we can invite our friends into a Lobby and play against online people via the servers

    And while in that server we can play against the boss battles we can play against via 5v5 we can play 3 V 3 and we can also play via one on one

    Now in this one mole that is evolved upon NBA Live 18 in NBA Live 19 be a live needs to work on the leveling system in the game compared to to Kay's leveling system as far as when a player gets to you know the level 99 we can prestige like in Call of Duty to NBA Live prestige level 1 or prestige level 2 etc etc now with that being said I think NBA Live needs to have other traits moves animations and gear and boss battles that are compared to each prestige level so for an example if we are prestige level 99 and I'm playing with a player who's new in the game or a player whose prestige level 50 then I will have a different field of character within my own leveling so like the level 99 prestige I will have a different dribble package shoot package rebound package still package all because I'm prestiging to a different level now the level 50 will have his different levels or different traits and crates and all of that from his Prestige but I would probably already have them because I'm a different prestige level and within the prestiging I think it should be boss battles within each prestige level you play different bosses each time you prestige so you will play eventually you if you would 99-year play the hundred Point Wilt Chamberlain or you will play the 10 time Champion Bill Russell or you will play the the 81 Kobe Bryant or the 72 Michael Jordan Within These prestige levels and I think that you get better shoes you can get shoe deals you can get better hair accessories from every prestige level and with that you can take on to the park level take on to your season you know and have fun with the game and it makes you play longer because you don't have to buy microtransactions because you can play the game and get the certain crates within the game and not have to buy from microtransactions

    Another thing that NBA Live need to work on is the level of detail within the actual game we need real referees it's time to be so detailed that if a person that ever been to a game can see the detail from the video game as if he was actually sitting in the seat watching the game we need a level of detail to where we can see jerseys being pulled like in FIFA franchise we can see we can see scuffs on the ground.We need technical foul animations we need a button to where you press it if to get a technical you can get the technical if you want every player has this animation to where you can get a technical you just have to press it after every hard foul when we see the players and the coaches at and the referees have an animation as far as getting to know each other face and and air and all them and the basis that we see that on National Television when there is a scuffle between the ref players and coaches

    We need a story mode that is driven off of the one in the NBA and the park so when we prestige we can still have the same character we are prestiging with and not have to create character after character trying to get to 99 when we can Prestige and have different crates traits and animations for dribbling and shooting and within this story mode we should be able to get live Ultimate Team players should be able to be unlocked from playing this this system you should be able to unlock shoes hairstyles etc etc jerseys from players that we have beaten in the Hall of Fame like dr. J Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Shaq Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Magic Johnson and etc . . .
  • Allow Legends (Magic, Kobe, Bird, etc.) players to be used in franchise mode similar to 2K.

    Make it so that legends are available without the packs. I enjoy the franchise mode and playing seasons more than the challenges and online stuff and 2K is really getting more burn because the legends are readily available as soon as you open the game.
  • I would like a under hoop reportage pop up that tells me which player should stay busy under the basket other then the center.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • ViZHiQUE
    2 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    If NBA LIVE 19 does come to fruition, there are many things that could be done to help boost sales and overall, increase the gaming experience for consumers.

    1. Marketing
    There is anything wrong with the marketing as it is, but for NBA LIVE 19, prices should drop. I think one of the main issues is the similar pricing to competitors (ie. 2K), that create comparisons about reputability and gameplay. If you dropped the price, these comparisons about player bases etc., would drop, as a much smaller price tag could mean the difference between sales. Whilst it may be a huge loss in profit per consumer, it allows a larger audience to buy the product, which should prove to increase the game's online presence, which should help for future games to come, and attract new customers that may have been put off by a smaller player base.

    2. Game Engines
    The engine being used currently is doing a fine job, but Frostbite is overall, just a more polished engine, which can provide more potential for graphics. Appearance may be important to certain people, and may improve sales. It should also be kept in mind that it may be easier on developers, who no longer have to spend time improving the engine simultaneously, and can use this time instead on improving gameplay, and providing more accessibility.

    3. Accessibility Systems
    XBOX and PLAYSTATION are two of the biggest systems on the market, but try to diversify the range. PC and Nintendo Switch could be good systems to try, as 2K's PC ports are notoriously subpar, which gives EA some breathing room as to the quality of their port (though it should still be good, maybe controller only?). Allowing crossplay gaming between all 4 systems should in turn populate online, and drive more sales from consumers whose friends may play on different systems.

    4. Animations
    Animations is an issue that has plagued the franchise and been one of the main reasons behind the downfall of the LIVE franchise. Emphasis on this should allow the game to look less awkward and feel better for consumers, who may call the game "arcadey" due to the flow. Make sure all, if not, most animations are being mo-capped by real people, and make more variations for each individual move in multiple circumstances. Get NBA players to help, they don't have to be all-stars, just willing to lend a helping hand in creating more animations, like, even bench warmers could be fine.

    5. AI
    A good offline game is a balance between gameplay and story. Unfortunately, a basketball game like this can't have too deep a story, so gameplay has to help carry the load. Improvements in Artificial Intelligence are essentially necessary in this reason, so you have to make sure they're as advanced as the possibly could be, but at the same time, fun to play with, offering replay-ability.

    6. Game Modes
    Whilst it is a basketball game, it seems to lack modes in comparison to competitors. In keeping up with current trends, that include online play and customization, it is suggested that new game modes be created that focus on fleshing out the online experience. Online play allows users to create the content for other players, which helps lift the burden of game creation, and keep people playing.

    7. The ESPN License
    A more extensive use of the license could be had here. Immerse ESPN into the game, it adds more realism to NBA, and helps drive the "simulation" aspect that is trying to be achieved.

    8. The One
    Creating a custom player is cool, but the game itself lacks. Add some more things to do within The One, and stop restricting players from customizing certain things. Archetypes are okay, but they restrict player's potentials. Players should be allowed to get any attribute, besides some physical ones, to 99, regardless of archetypes chosen. They should also be allowed to upgrade attributes manually, and be able to switch to set of skills, regardless of the archetype they picked. The only thing that archetypes should dictate is the playing style at the beginning of the game. So, theoretically, a player could pick to be a defender, but build up his player to be an offensive powerhouse if he feels as though he doesn't like the playstyle. This means that players could have any mix of attributes they want, no strings attached, and no archetype interruptions. In fact, player types should be determined by the way that they play, rather than their attributes, so even if a player had a lot of defensive attributes, he could still be labelled a scorer if he can't actually defend very well and can score with ease, even without the offensive attributes to back him up. So what you're labelled can change on the fly, much like what happens in real life. This is very important, as it helps differentiate the game from 2K, so they can stick with an archetype system, whilst you go for more of a old-school system that uses Skill Points instead of levels, that is more custom. You could even add a balance slider at the start of the game, between skill and athleticism, that you can use to alter your starting attributes further, so you can start the game any way that you want to.
    In case you haven't noticed, NBA LIVE 16's two currency system was perfect, keep it as it is.
    Going off the topic of the dreadful system that is archetypes, let players pick what they want to do. DO NOT integrate a story in The One, but instead, make a separate story with individually crafted characters. Leave The One to be completely open in the way that your player acts on and off the court, and if you're adding options, add at least 4 per scene, add for the love of God, if you add player voices, ADD MORE THAN ONE.
    You could also add training into the game, such as team shootarounds or drills (which are not mandatory), that could earn skill points for players.
    Try not be too restrictive on animations, they should be obtainable at lower levels, and more options should be available to begin with, as some players may find difficulty in the early stages of the game if they don't click with defaults. 5 starting animations for each set, besides cosmetics (celebrations) should be plenty.
    Some more scenes could be cool too, like how they had car and plane idle animations in NBA2K14, that could be a nice touch to creating a sense of realism.

    9. Models
    Keep updating and improving models, the idea should be to make a game where user-created fixes shouldn't exist, because it is perfect as it is. This goes hand-in-hand with animations, that should constantly be getting added, improved, tweaked and fixed as the season goes by.

    10. Physics
    Use Frostbite to your advantage, get some physics enhancements in there, make jumping, running, the ball and the rim feel more fluid and true to life.

    11. Coaches
    Give coaches diversity, make teams play completely differently and run different things according to the way they coach. For example, a team like the Spurs could pass often and run a lot of certain plays, unlike a team that is poor at passing, which could have a lot of isolation plays and sets. This could dictate the way that players approach different teams. It could also diversify The One, where different coaches are satisfied by different things, so for example, on the Warriors, if you kept hogging the ball, Steve Kerr would get extremely dissatisfied, in contrast to Tyronn Lue, who may be less affected. This could also change the things that they do on off-days, so Mike D'Antoni may run very little defensive plays, whilst Tom Thibodeau runs more. This could also dictate the minutes played, as some people tend to play starters a lot, whilst others like to rest players, such as Gregg Popovich.

    12. Balance
    Balance so that it is true to life, there are many in the community that like to adjust sliders to better represent the NBA game.

    13. Micro-Transactions
    Another form of balance could be in micro-transactions. If you're going to do it, do it RIGHT. DO NOT LET PEOPLE PAY FOR PROGRESS, make people earn their overalls, and instead, use it for permanent cosmetics, where it just allows players to unlock them faster, though non-micro-transactors should still be able to obtain cosmetics at a reasonable pace. Maybe shift micro-transactions to more premium things, such as collaborations with BAPE, where they could be micro-transactions only, whilst some more basic cosmetics could be unlocked using currency earned in-game.
    Micro-transactions could just be used as a way to unlock more premium clothing and cosmetics, so you still have to earn your progress, whilst at the same time, providing more opportunities for clothing partnerships, etc. etc..

    13. Shift to a different kind of Game
    Alter the game in such a way that it is still fun to play, but at the same time, more true to a simulation style. Whilst 2K is lenient on selfish play online, EA can punish players for such acts. So when players hop into a game of 2K, they go in expecting a fast-paced game, whilst in LIVE, they hop in to expect some serious competition, team work and co-ordination, where players run plays online, and are not selfish. In this way, you could say that it's about not competing with 2K, but focusing on areas that 2K ignores.
  • TLDR,
  • So what ! I'm just passionate about the Live franchise and when u done reading it . Get back at me ! It might make sense for the game for the future Live 19
  • Local Co-op, in online modes, like FIFA would make this game way better.
  • Adidas jumpsuits (jacket and sweats) more adidas shoes
    Milwaukee Bucks gear

    Need to be able to unlock the dunk packages and lay up packages

    Add mouthguards (go wild)

    What happened to the shoe deal in the League
    I got so hyped to create my adidas shoe

    Let us walk around and out the Locker room and Shoot around

    Pre game rituals
    Add National Teams in the league we should get a text from manager / agent we have been selected for team USA

    Add national team gear as a Live event

    Add Championship Rings as a unlockable (To unlock one you have to win the NBA Finals) this can be wearable in pro am live run and live events they won't affect shooting think of it as a Cosmetic

    Championship number back of jersey update as you win Championships
  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    Top Features for NBA Live 19

    Yeah it’s a bit early but we can start debating our top features in NBA Live 19. A wishlist, if you will… or most wanted. While NBA Live 18 does a few things great, there is a lot of room for improvement in the main 2 modes I play: The One, and Live Ultimate Team.

    “The One”
    1). We desperately need a league mode (or several) online. Think of using your player on the Cavs and your homeboy from California is using his player on the Warriors. Now picture a whole league of this! 1 user player per team (think Madden Connected Franchise Mode), 30 teams, means a huge battle for supremacy.

    2). The ability to create your own street/pro-am leagues with other users. You could set the amount of games per season, a playoff bracket, hell even name your teams and puck your own jerseys. Yep… that would be huge!

    “Ultimate Team”
    1). Trade Block! Gotta have it! I want to be able to do giveaways that don’t get sniped at the auction block. Thats about it for that one, make me happy by allowing us the opportunity to share our abundance of players with others to help keep them playing.

    2). Vary up the challenges. Quarter length, difficulty, add “Big Moments” challenges, force users to use stock teams at times. Right now we are all getting burnt out a bit by the grind. Basically because we all have loaded teams and the challenges are too easy.

    I could go on but those are a few items that would get me hyped up. What would you love to see? This article was written by KennyMo.


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