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An update is on the way!!!

Man I hope EA support is not playing me, but I got some new there should be an real update to the traits actually working. What I am also hoping for is for them to update my player and all my point back to the top 10 players. I was cruised when my player when back to its original start. I was also told I would recwvice compensation, so I am going to Hold EA to their word. If I am not satisfied I am done with EA that have had way too many chances over the years and have been overwhelmingly disappointing.


  • Sorry guys I got a little sloppy with the trying. What I was saying is that I was told from an EA customer service rep that s that an update is on the way in the upcoming days. I am still waiting on the update but I also asked will my the one player be restored. I was told I would receive compensation for the issues but I am not looking for the compensation. I just want my player and all of my stats to be correctly updated. I have loved nba live since I was a kid. I just want them to get this right because it is a great game without all the flaws. Come on EA get this right.
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