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Season opponents very weak and so boring

Hello everyone. I think all of you can notice about your opponents in season mode that they arr very weak. They dont use the elite players but their bench blayers the silver one or gold one.. it is boring ..i have a 91 ovr and my opponents 75 ..its boring...it makes the game not attractive . Please specialist of nba live mobile fix this thing. And make this game great again like it was last year


  • That S Right - i don t play anymore the season
  • They must do something about this... if you remember on 2017 it was a great game .. the seasom opponents use to play with their full potential line up.
  • Can someone of you guys of EA SPORTS read this damn report from us. You have made this game boring for us.... do something good got damn it
  • The season is not competitive. The H2H is ridiculous! The game got boring, and play 20 minutes at the most.

    I'm playing because I believe that developers should change something.
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