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Showdown Forfeit Rules

Dear Electronic Arts, I’ll be playing a showdown game, and suddenly I’m back to my home screen because the game crashed. I go back in to the game, and it says that I forfeited so I lose 8,000 fans. In this case, I did nothing wrong and was helping you by playing your game with lineups I’ve spent some money on, but I lose fans when I did nothing. It’s happened an outrageous amount of times, and it happens every day. The game crashes so much and should stop crashing or it should let me resume the Showdown game instead of decreasing my fans by 8,000. I know I’ve already posted a discussion on this, but it has not stopped and it’s one of the biggest problems of the game in my opinion. Can you Please listen to the players and fix this. Thank You.


  • This game crashes all the time and I have notified EA multiple times with screen shots (since they accused me of lying and threatened to ban me) and they have said they can’t do anything and to post on this forum. They have cost me better rated players in every Showdown event so far and want to give me pro packs to make it better. Doesn’t matter, next year no one will play this 🎃🎃🎃🎃 game that has stolen money from most of the players on here.
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