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NBA Live 19 - The trailer, the ONE & more

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Be THE ONE and Build Your Squad for Global Dominance.

NBA LIVE 19 is officially on the way and will be dropping on September 7, 2018, NBA LIVE 19 offers a number of gameplay innovations starting with Real Player Motion, a revamped experience on The League and The Streets, an all-new feature called Build Your Squad, and the return of THE ONE.

Mister Rahul took the time to walk us through each feature and even sat down with Ryan Santos, NBA Live's own Creative director, you can check out the detailed articles below.
  1. Gameplay innovations
  2. The ONE
  3. The League and The Streets
  4. The New Icon system
  5. Build Your Squad (all new feature).
  6. GameChanger videos & insight

  7. The International Courts of NBA LIVE 19
  8. 2018 NBA LIVE Awards
  9. An Inside Look at Joel Embiid, NBA LIVE 19 Cover Athlete

Credit to @dragonth4Q for the image above.

- Rahul Lal (Follow Rahul on Twitter @rlal95)
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  • BlackManINC
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    :) Please bring this to the PC. We would greatly appreciate it.
  • I watched a lot of nba live19 demo videos and found that the players dribbling movements really good, but do not know how the degree of freedom of the combination of caps and movements, and jump pass is still the same as 18, the ball's flight path is still false , hoping to improve
  • Forget a few questions, when to play trial games, we can not wait to experience the game, it is best to advance out, let us play more for a while, so that we can publish more views, feedback to the official, jump to pass The ball is very abrupt. Like 18, it suddenly jumps up and jumps out. It's unnatural. This is my opinion on 19, and I hope to receive the attention and support of EA NBA LIVE 19 as always. B)B)B)B)
  • jumping pass movement the motion is stiff ,the same to live 18,the shooting motion is more than live 2K18 ,the dribbing motion is look lifelike,Thanks to the hard work of the nbalive team。
  • Matt_baby
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    I’m excited for NBA Live 19. I’m loving the idea of The Sqaud, Live Arena, Real Player Motion, 1vs1, Head 2 Head, Icon System. Sounds like they’ve put in a lot of work. As far as the gameplay & flow I can’t really give an honest opinion watching others play because that’s them playing. Everyone plays different and it was on a “Pro” level. I wish Live could allow its day one fans since Live 95 to get a chance to play what people played at E3. Let us download a simple 3 min qtr game or something for global feedback.

    Alot of my questions have been answered. And if you’ve continued to play Live 18, they’ve hinted at some of the gameplay movement. Well at least it feels different after updates. Real player motion should really help. Because the CPU’s intelligence wasn’t good in Live 18. That should fix a great deal of things as far as gameplay & flow.

    I’m hoping for an Online Franchise. I’m mostly an Online guy. Competing against friends in a franchise that grows, fight to make the playoffs, and compete for championships is really fun. I’m praying for this. Also I would like to see an Online All Star weekend game with 10 users. Same concept as 5vs5 but with last years All Star selections.

    Keep up the good work EA & Live

  • Please bring this to the PC. i want to buy this game.
  • Clueminati_017
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    I am going by what I am seeing personally. The visuals are looking great, and there's more depth. Not only that, but also having a bit more animation. Now, seeing more insight where I can see that one dribble move when you use Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, James Harden, Steph Curry, and whoever with a high dribble rating? I can see that one dribble being overused a bit much; and staying on the dribbling on wrapping the ball behind their back or nutmegging. It was spotted by a YouTuber and YouTube group about where the ball looked like there was no bounce in the gameplay, and it completely shot back to the ball handler's hand. I have faith that the dribbling access, and hopefully that move is not overly used and adjusted where a defender can react to it like a Patrick Beverly, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, or whoever that plays great defense around the wing and perimeter. I do hope there's justice, and balance for the big man compared to NBA LIVE 18 where they seem that both dominance or finishing a shot close up where a point guard is on them in the post, where the center misses a shot underneath the basket. I have seen that happen quite a few times, outside of Yao Ming not wanting to dunk the ball, but tries to do some crazed layup underneath the basket and misses the rim.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • my recommendation is to keep the one in a similar vein as in live 18. that is minimalistic in its delivery. no cut scenes or anything with your player like 2k does. that absolutely kills it for me because no matter how much work they put into the story it comes off cheesy and forced certain themes onto you. I liked how the one had some backstory but it was all delivered through text messages and background instead of player cutscenes. the bigger story was your play on the court and how you decided to develop your player.
  • Matt_baby
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    Live 19 looks great. I’m trying to pre order it today but don’t see the option to do so. However I am looking for an online franchise. The one looks great but please allow us to have an online franchise with online friends & users. Franchise mode is okay but I get tired of playing the computer. The competition is online.

    As mentioned above, big men need the ability to alter shots regardless of their skills set. They’re big men. You should be able to stop players if playing good defense or when someone sits in the paint with Lebron and lays up all day. It’s annoying. You double team and still can’t stop him, then you’re wide open for 3. Make it harder to make 3’s. 3’s & steals are too easy. Big men In the post get the ball stolen without even making a move. I can’t even play big. Or small guards can just steal the ball as soon as you get it. Better alley oops awareness by CPU. Make the contact more physical.

    Live 18 was good, now it’s time to make it great with live 19. But we need an ONLINE FRANCHISE PLEASE!!!
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  • it's time. nba live 19. are you ready?
  • Will this year's iteration have the WNBA players from last year's iteration?
  • This is the best looking basketball game I have ever played!!! I pre-ordered mines Friday & counting down ready to run with my Lakers & G-state Warriors.
  • How is the franchise mode I'm a huge Franchise player hope is great knowing EA it will be
  • How is the franchise mode I'm a huge Franchise player hope is great knowing EA it will be

    Hopefully there an online franchise
  • How is the franchise mode I'm a huge Franchise player hope is great knowing EA it will be

    It’s very limited...EA dropped the ball on many aspects of the game (outside of The One and the new age rpg player focuses). No stat tracking, coach changes, improvements by drafts, etc. several glitches (blue screen) in many games.

  • The AI sucks. Players don’t show iq or a sense of urgency. NCAA 2010 was much better, AI-wise. Players don’t act like humans...they don’t take the right shot, they tend to get frozen in backing down the post, substitutions are not based on the in-game scenario, sooo much more.

    Again, I’m only speaking of the AI. The game itself is great. Franchise mode needs to go to the old model or take notes from Madden, NCAA, etc. I love EA because they are true to realism...NBA Live 18 lacks that in Franchise mode...does better with the courts and The One. Not everyone these days care about street ball, EA.

    I just rambled a lot off in a short amount of time...hope it made some sense.
  • I've played 2K since 2K12 and this year was the end of the road for me. My buddy convinced me to pick up Live for $5 in the PS Store. Although it doesn't move like 2K, Live has all the potential to reclaim the throne. Movement aside the two biggest problems I have with Live 18 is the unrealistic ability to finish at the rim, no matter who's there. #2 is the unrealistic ability to steal the ball by just spamming, and I have yet to see a foul called in 3V3. LIVE PLEASE TURN DOWN DUNKS AND STEALS IN 19 PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  • Please have a in depth franchise mode please or I won't want it no matter what
  • caughtleader866
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    Franchise Mode is what I want I hope it’s better I really do I like the one but I am franchise guy that full real simulation of the NBA!!! Please ea sports we need a good franchise mode!!!

    [all caps removed - EA_Leeloo]
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  • dunklinemanuel
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    I agree we Need a better Franchise Mode & also please show the starting lineups of both teams before tip-off to make it more realistic. I'm waiting to pre-order until I see these improvements. Franchise!!! Franchise!!!! Franchise!!! Please update & make it better then 2k!!!

    [all caps removed - EA_Leeloo]
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