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Set Tokens Not Transferring Over

I just spoke with an EA representative regarding the items for transfer for S3 and unfortunately he said that the set tokens will not be transferring over. Anyone else find this to be a bummer? Especially after putting so much work and effort into getting tokens for the sets we want. I know that I'm not the only one with this issue. I understand that the developers want everyone to start off the same regarding NBA Line Ups, but it is truly a bummer not being able to do anything with the set tokens that I currently have except turn them into coins. So much work and effort trying to get Platinum and Showdown sets for them to not transfer over. If anyone else also has an issue with this don't be afraid to comment so this can be changed when it gets to the transfer of S4. I truly am bummed out over this. Hopefully this can be changed for S4 in the future or something similar that can be done in exchange for the set tokens that are going to be lost for the new season coming up.


  • I find it more of a bummer that I worked so hard to get that 96 Harden and now that's not going to carry over. I was 2 away from having him. Then of course getting the James was ridiculous. But yeah everything about starting a new season/basically a reset is a bummer.
  • Yeah, I totally agree with that all that work trying to get tokens and then bam new season is coming says EA, but we going to reset all your stuff first but don't worry cuz the new season is coming with new stuff and you can just work twice as hard again to get the tokens. Smh. I do hope they make changes to the next transfer for S4.
  • I’ll be really honest. I’m nearly to the point of quitting this season. EA put out the update info for S3 towards the end of S2. They posted a note when you logged in saying that your coins and set tokens would transfer to this season. Well guess what, they did not do what they said. Further more, does anyone feel like the only way they are going to progress through this season with a decent team is to spend real money? And a lot of it.
  • I totally agree 100%. I'm close to just quitting also and the season just started. It's harder to get gold players now and possibly elite players now with the way the Sets are set up and the new Campaign section they have. My NBA Lineup is currently @ 66. And I know that it's going to stay there for a while. This season it's like they are pushing for people to pay for elite or gold players. They said the set tokens would transfer? Smh. The sets are limited now this season. There are no showdown sets and they have a new system where you need to "buy" lottery balls using coins just to add them to sets. I'm not a fan of the new season. Honestly this season update was disappointing and they made it harder for players who actually grind to get a good NBA Lineup. No way am I ever going to pay for a better lineup.
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