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NBA Live 19 Pre-Order Available to Play 9/5

Hey guys. I’ve preordered NBA Live 19 a while ago through NBA Live 18 to get 33% off and play it early on 9/5. The game has downloaded to my PS4 but when trying to play it says Playable in; 1 day, 19 hours. I thought if we preordered through Live 18 we could play it on 9/5. I’m ready to start playing and I can’t. Stayed up all night for this smh. Anybody preorder through Live 18 and can’t play yet?


  • Do you remember where you saw anything about playing early on 9/5? The release date has always been 9/7 from what I'm aware.
  • Matt_baby
    279 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Yes I saw that on Live 18. When I preordered it through Live 18 it said I can get all of this stuff. 33% off, Gold ball, Joel Embiid, etc. and it said play it on 9/5. I’ve never done a digital copy ever ever. But to play this 2 days early I was with that. Now I have to wait. And of course when i go into Live 18 they don’t show you where you can play it 2 days earlier anymore smh
  • Our will be available on thursday the 6th night at 11pm central or 12 est.
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