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Live 20: The One Ideas.💡What do you think. DEVS PLEASE LOOK.

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NBA Live mode The One is a good Mode but I feel it can be better and more creative. These are my Ideas, if you like? Then like the post and share. If feel otherwise, say something. I’m trying to help NBA live have a banging offline game mode that will have people wanting to play all year around. Especially with the training camp mode in The One you’ll be to have a more in depth creation to your player and full controls over everything. Everyone will be able create themselves differently.

1. The Journey
When you start, they should keep the same concept but go in more depth, you should have multiple options, you should be able to choose to enter the PRO-AM or Play around the world like this year or a path called College run, where if you don’t choose the other two options, you can choose to partake in pick up games with college players of next year draft class and build rep and hype there.

2: The Draft
When you finally build your rep and the hype surrounding your player builds up, you should then have a option to enter the Draft combine and play and or fight for team invites. Say once you finish the draft combine and you get a 120 score, based off that score you should have a hand select of teams offering you a workout invite. You choose what teams you want to work with and you do some pick up with the guys on the team and created guys EA made to fill out and compete for a high score and if you get a high score. You can accept the proposal of you being drafted. Once you enter draft, it’s not guaranteed you are drafted by the team that offered you the draft proposal but out of the hand select teams you choose to work out for any team can pick you.

3: Training Camp (This is your in-depth creation center) 💡(you need this)
Once you’re drafted you can choose to go to training camp and you’ll be able to do games and drills and this portion will be an opportunity to unlock a lot of animations, traits, get XP, skill points and etc. you’ll also be able to unlock the player creation system, where you’ll be able to choose body type, add muscle mass or body fat and shoe size, arm length, calf size and much more. All of this will either help your player or hinder your play a little bit.

4: The season
You’ll start the season and it’ll be the same concept but more detailed. You’ll be able to spawn in the practice gym automatically and there will be a drop down menus for your choosing and you’ll be able to see what’s going on around the league, you’ll be able to reach out to the GM to persuade trades and signing of players and free agents. You’ll be able to go to the practice gym like the Old NBA live and practice and shoot around and do drills. Your teammates will be able to walk in the Gym like NBA live 10 and shoot around and organize 5v5 or 3v3 and earn SP for random challenges. All league games will have challenges and key games. You will get double XP and SP for key games.

There will be no more EA store😂. It’ll be the Champs store or Villa if they can get the license to them. You’ll be able to buy shoes and clothing and separate team gear and accessories from street gear and cloths. You can still unlock gear and all but the champs and Villa store will be there. You’ll also be able to customize shoe color and make PE’s. Have a variety of things to choose from.

6: Endorsement.
You’ll have a option to choose what brand you want to sign with and once you sign (Example) Jordan, you’ll receive 5 Jordan shoes and will have a chance to unlock more by completing daily challenges and game challenges. It’ll be easy to see how close you’re leveling up to the next shoe and clothing. Also, you’ll be able to unlock Jordan court designs, shirts and gear, socks and much more. That’s for every brand. You’ll be able to unlock players from team Jordan for your court . You’ll also be paid SP and XP for being with Brand Jordan or any brand.

7: End of the season.
You’ll be able to negotiate your contract and can choose to be paid in SP or XP depending on how you negotiate, you’ll be able to help sign players and help pick up free agents. You’ll also be able, to communicate with players through your social media Via-Twitter to try and help sign players. Then you’ll be able enter training camp and do drills and etc. From there you’ll be able to enter the tour to take over.

(NOTE) Features (ESPN) (Twitter Interactions)
You’ll also have NBA radio or ESPN radio and segments playing in the background to keep you up to date with what’s going on around the league and keeping you posted on your play. You’ll also be able to go to ESPN page to check articles, collect fans for Twitter and interact with players, reporters and start rivalries

Those are my Ideas and I think they’ bring more people in and have more longevity for off line players because this all gives you more opportunities and options to build your player offline and then take him to the Pro am and streets. With this new The One mode it’ll catch a lot of people eyes.


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  • Absolutely love it good job this revamped 1 one mode is what we should have had this yr
  • I’m telling you bro, with this concept, people will really jump ship fast.
  • I really like what you did with the draft getting too workout with teams is dope. And 100% agreed people would jump ship especially since that other game the developers only cares about a certain group of their player base
  • True, I feel and believe that the gamer should have full control over there player, no matter what.
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