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Guys, the devs will be on Reddit today @ 3:30pm EST to hear what you guys want, and to see what changes that needs to be made in the game. Come in early, and make sure you have some solid questions to ask, or tell them what you see that needs fixed.

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Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.


  • Why is the shot meter so ineffective?
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Dev, please have a patch where we can get all teams that have throwback jerseys be playable, where a player where’s a # that’s retired our already being used and fix the issue where some teams have numbers that look off (Kyrie, Clay)
  • Clueminati
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    I'm keeping this thread up. Next Thursday, the devs will be back on Reddit to answer questions about LUT. If you have any questions or suggestions for LUT? Have them ready Thursday. @ 3:30pm EST.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • So I'm stuck at level 21 court hype, because every time I hit refresh opponent list it's the same 10 people in different order. And they all have HORRIBLE game rules. This sucks. Allow us to have better options.
  • Why is standing dunks so easy for the cpu to do? they can be right next to a defender thats just as tall as them and they just dunk it with no contact at all. they can even stand an dunk when theres 3 defenders by the rim. Defenders Should contest standing dunks too. I see to many contested shots going in still PLEASE fix all of this
  • Can the coaches have they own mindsets and run their own style of plays for every team please? Im Tired of seeing the same plays or playing style being executed by every team.
  • I just wanna know why I can’t unlock Giannis’s dunks, layups, and jumpshot. Went through every path and none of them unlock Giannis skills. Fix please.
  • My player disappeared from 84 overall to 73 overall!!! Also all street courts I've beaten are now locked again. Please help me
  • Seriously it's been a week and nobody at EA has been able to help me!!!!!!

  • This is my pltqqdpvr44ufo.jpg
    My player after he downgraded
  • And I was at least level 55 NOT 10
  • #EAsportsdevelopers I need your help I'm a loyal customer who has put in countless hours on multiple NBA live games. Help me out with some compensation
  • In the one mode im a 74 overall and i play with the lakers and we vs golden state its the 4th quarter and the score was 95 to 93 state is up with 3 minutes left.........LeBron is on the bench...what is the coach doing!!? EA gave the coaches no mind to think for the team they're basically there for no reason. They dont even have their own playing style for a team no wonder why every team has the same playbook. Its ridiculous Y'all basically saying they dont matter. Fix asap.
  • The post play really needs an update, its been the same for the past couple games, really slow and sluggish and not enough animations on post shots.
  • Can you release on switch?
  • Could we have an Online Franchise. User controlled. Commissioner options. Co-commissioner option. Regular teams, include legends, or include your The One player. Fantasy draft. I think an Online Franchise is much needed and would take the game to the next level
  • Increase dunk contact, increase block shots, increase in air collisions, decrease speed of big men, fix issue with delayed passing, more game breakdowns by quarters & halves. Add options to purchase more sneakers. I’m seeing sneakers others have and we should be able to purchase those. Could we have court battles be online vs an opponent. Could we be able to change the camera angles like zoom and height levels. Could the streets tour be online?
  • - MORE camera angles w/ zoom (-/+) options
    - ONLINE H2H RAGE QUITTING Needs to be addressed. YOU disconnect, automatic L and W for other player.
    - Dunking over entire teams from the foul line is just not a good look
    - Small cheesy glitches (like I pass the ball...small glitch...ball goes out of bounds!

  • Why can't we switch our traits in the player lobby where you can adjust your team? It's annoying to have to go into a certain menu to make adjustments. And why bother having empty slots for your squad's traits if you can't add anything there?
  • Add more home team jerseys not just 2 and have a ton for away. For home home tops it's the same as last year, boring sweaters and white tees. No improvements there at all.
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