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NBA Live 19 - Title Update 3, October 9 (Updated 8th of November)


  • My franchise mode was deleted with the new update are you guys gonna be able to fix this and will I get my season just how inhad it
  • Need to add the ability for expansion in franchise mode. 2K has it and it would be smart if Live adds it.
  • I was just wondering if you guys will update players face scans, hair, tattoos and shoes?.. for example Cavs: Jordan Clarkson tats, Cedi Osmon face scan and Lakers: Lonzo Ball’s tattoo, shoes. ect.....?
  • Love the update but there’s still a problem with the defensive player not locking onto the player their defending. Also all the pass stealing an dunk blocks are too much why do you have the dunk on ability when you can never actually dunk on anyone. Also what’s with the off dribble shots I have a maxed wing scorer with 88 off dribble ratings an can rarely make off dribble wide open shots I really like live since way back with live 95 with the dunk contest so could we please get these issues resolved
  • Dew to this new update it won't let me play anymore keep saying era......what to dew...who to talk to bout getting this fixed...this pre-order digital copy
  • @EA_Roger I don't see these new animations or jerseys anywhere. And I also have EA access and didn't get my free Iverson jersey. I play on Xbox One and my gamertag is JORDAN 2x3. Thanks.
  • Same happened to me. My Franchise mode got deleted after the update, did not notice until somebody mentioned it. Damn it lol
  • Thank you EA for the support and updates. The recent update was well done. I play “a lot” of live run. And I love how the stamina meter depletes and much more sensitive. This is one of the few of the changes I’ve liked since the 1.07 update. The game play is more realistic, and has made me play more strategic like real basketball. Thank you EA. It’s been awhile since I have played NBA live in along time. But you guys have made me became a fan again. Kudos EA!!
  • Is there anything you can do about the lack of fouls being called in the one league mode. I have a playmaker small forward that's coming through the lane with a ton of contact dunks on 3/4 Defenders and no fouls are being called. But the CPU slightly bumps one of my guys and gets a shooting foul. I've tried playing with the sliders normal, high and low and they're still no change. Even the announcers are surprised on the game when there's no fouls. I know there's not going to be a foul every time but this is too light.
  • I've been playing live since it's creation. This game is much better than last year however EA needs to put a signature dribble system update out or make the left stick a dribbling/motion option. Dribbling in this game is not as smooth as it could be. Game is still fire though
  • Is there any way they can make a patch custom roster to make real college name after the season over for draft
  • As far as Online Head to Head play, what happened to the AI awareness. It’s super hyped up. You can play off ball the entire game and let the computer do everything for you. The computer is recovering too fast and knows everything even if you have them beat
  • I’m sorry but ea had me hooked with last years NBA LIVE 18. This year is very disappointing, the game was perfect when I played the this years demo. After all the patches the game is trash to say the least. For one weight plays no factor in the game, there should be no reason why I’m Anthony Davis is getting out rebounded by a 5’7 female ( I am far from a misogynist) but come on man if y’all really want people to stay with EA it has to do better. Not to mention the computer is impossible to get by and or crossover. The patch has has made scoring impossible. When I throw an alley my team ( if he doesn’t miss the ball) grabs the ball out the air instead of going for the oop. When I change my dunk into a lay up or change the direction of my lay up I shouldn’t look like I jumped off a trampoline mid air. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST NBA LIVE 19 LOOKS LIKE NBA LIVE 18.5
  • JORDAN2x3
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    edited October 2018
    These pictures I took, my issues with the latest updates/patches. Fix this!!

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  • There are issues with some shoes and jerseys appearing as other stuff when playing.


    "What The Kyrie" shoe appears as "LeBron XII Lion Heart"

    B.Griner #42 Mercury Tank Top appears as L.Bird #33 '93 Celtics Jersey
  • Why do you people put live events that last 1 hour, and during weird time frames!? I missed so much BAPE stuff this weekend. Most of us work, go to school, sleep during those time frames. Please make them last 12-24 hours.
  • I have been spending about $40 so far buying nba packs. It still won't check that off in my objectives. I would either like my money back or get this fixed and give me the players i'm trying to get. It's really making me angry spending all this money and not getting anything. Also that ad pop up for stamina never shows up for more. So i had to waste more money on buying stamina too. Just to play things to earn the good players. Please fix this asap, or reimburse me money or the players i'm trying to get.
  • Add a PRO HOP command while DRIVING to the basket please.
  • I’m Loving 19’ It’s Dope Been Playing Live For Yrs Never Switched When Y’all Fell Back & I Appreciate The Work That Gets Put Into Making The Game Better...The Issues I Have That I Wish That Could Be Fixed Is The Update Y’all Did On The Players Playing The Passing Lanes, Some of It Is Realistic But Everyone Doesn’t Play The Lanes That Perfect Next I Think Y’all Should Show Love To The Top Players On Online H2H Its More Than Just Creating A Fake Player What About The People Who Has Actual Skills To Play With Multiple Teams & Maintain Winning Records...Overall The Game Is A A+ Keep It Going
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