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Invisible Crate

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edited October 2018
It appears that when I played a live event I was awarded an invisible crate. Everytime I start the game the crate pops up on screen, does the intro/animation, but nothing is actually awarded to me, its just a blank screen with the option to open again or dismiss. So I hit dismiss to exit the screen otherwise it does the intro over and over. Everytime I go into the store (which there's nothing good in there by the way) it starts the process over again!. Its been this way for the last couple of days! The update you people did seemed to create bigger problems with this game! What is going on EA!?

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  • Same problem here but to be honest EA, it's the least of this years problems that u need to fix and fix soon or ur gonna lose a good portion of ur fan base and avid nba live gamers. Hell, ive already seen nearly a quarter of the ppl ive played with since 16 came out switch to 2k and it's only been a month! Game is all offense. I shoot nearly 90% from 3 when I'm open and close to 75% with a hand in my face or more! And if they get too close it's a foul. Make 4 point plays mulille times a game in 5s sometimes. Hell, you might see 50 of those in an entire NBA season! Completely unrealistic. just like the frequency of reach in fouls! OMG! Are you serious??? Do you even know what constitutes a reach in foul?! Pretty simple really. Their hand attempting to "reach" for the ball must reach BEYOND the ball when positioned in front of ball carrier or they must reach around the body and make contact. Keep in mind that's the criteria in a real game. Not street ball. These are the major issues. Another month and it's still the same? I'm out. Back to 2k I guess.
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