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How is live 19 do you like it



  • I was enjoying it then after that little hot patch they did it feels like everything they was working on or fixing was undone
  • I’m sorry but ea had me hooked with last years NBA LIVE 18. This year is very disappointing, the game was perfect when I played the this years demo. After all the patches the game is trash to say the least. For one weight plays no factor in the game, there should be no reason why I’m Anthony Davis is getting out rebounded by a 5’7 female ( I am far from a misogynist) but come on man if y’all really want people to stay with EA it has to do better. Not to mention the computer is impossible to get by and or crossover. The patch has has made scoring impossible. When I throw an alley my team ( if he doesn’t miss the ball) grabs the ball out the air instead of going for the oop. When I change my dunk into a lay up or change the direction of my lay up I shouldn’t look like I jumped off a trampoline mid air. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST NBA LIVE 19 LOOKS LIKE NBA LIVE 18.5 with the same clothes, animations and taunts from last years game.
  • JORDAN2x3
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    And then there's stuff like this now. Along with some shoes or jerseys appearing as other stuff when playing. These pictures I took, my issues with the latest updates/patches.

  • There are issues with some shoes and jerseys appearing as other stuff when playing.


    "What The Kyrie" shoe appears as "LeBron XII Lion Heart"

    B.Griner #42 Mercury Tank Top appears as L.Bird #33 '93 Celtics Jersey
  • Why do you people put live events that last 1 hour, and during weird time frames!? I missed so much BAPE stuff this weekend. Most of us work, go to school, sleep during those time frames. Please make them last 12-24 hours.
  • When I first got NBA Live 19 I could play the Franchise mode with two players, now the 2nd controller icon is stuck in the center when choosing sides. Any help on how to fix this? And is there a player lock feature?
  • 82Rules
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    I loved '18. Wrote a trophy guide for it. I loved the demo for '19, but am a bit let down.
    The 3 pronged hype thing sucks. Why? because it's so easy to gain Career hype. So many ways to get it, especially in 'The League.' I don't really like the Court Battles, so going for that hype max out might be the last thing i do. Then there's Streets. We are asked to acquire a shoot-ton of XP. Way more than the other 2, yet the ways to get that hype is minimal. Ballhogs and '3's for days' shooters. Overly long 5V5 4 qtr games. Both give you pathetic amounts of XP. I go for trophies. Perfect example is 2 of the above screenshots. Court and Career are maxed, but Streets sits at level 12. That stinks. Getting from level 11 in streets takes a LOT of XP that will take forever, playing with randoms, especially if they're out for self.
    I didn't like the nearly 80% similar trophy list. Why couldn't there be some WNBA related trophies?
    I still prefer this over 2K, but it looks like they bit off more than they can chew in '19.
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