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Official Wishlist Thread


  • Bovay710
    1 posts New member
    Please add player lock
  • Yes. Please!!!!!
  • Have the option to wear undershirts in The One career mode
  • More Uniforms, classics, alternates, etc...
  • The control still needs to be worked on, but overall this best basketball up to date.
  • Go_RillAH420
    1 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    The biggest issue I have seen since playing is in regard to post control and movement. If the ball is called for while backing down in the post, once the ball is caught the player is stuck in a "back down" position. The player cannot face up or move In any way without his back still to the basket.
  • Request Slam Dunk contest same as they have every year in real life.

    Requesting Lengendary Players to be added to the game and that can be used in all game modes. And in the one mode would have lower stats as normal to build up. In normal game modes VS CPU stats to be what they should be.
    For online modes players should be able to be purchased the same with any other items like clothing.

    Michael Jordan
    Kobe Bryant
    Allen Iverson
    Shaquille O’Neal
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Isiah Thomas
    Magic Johnson
    Bob Cousy
    Ray Allen
    Larry Bird
    Scottie Pippen
    Dominique Wilkins
    Karl Malone
    Kevin Garnett
    Kevin McHale
    Dennis Rodman
    Kareem Abdul Jabaar
    Bill Russell
    Hakeem Olajuwon

  • Plz allow us to change positions plz. 2nd year id love to have a shooting guard.
  • Trying choose a nba game for console does nba live have a multi online user control franchise ?
  • Pyramided NBA-stuffs honorariums.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Please provide more than 2 ways to gain 'Live Streets XP?' It's a joke. This mode requires a total of 3 million XP just to get to level 20 for the trophy.
    If you don't win, you are lucky to get 1K XP. Even if you DO win, well the most i got was the base 3,000 plus 1,024 extra for in-game feats.
    This is incredibly unfair, and makes the whole mode ridiculously unbalanced. It is a cakewalk to level 20 for 'Career' hype. All i did was 1 29-game season, plus various World Tour stuff. Even though the events change, they are still alternate ways to gain that type of XP. This was clearly not well thought out. Do you think it's fun to grind to 3 million XP? Who thought this was a fair thing? I played for 90 minutes or so, and still can't sniff level 14! Then when i get there, there will be another Mount Everest to level 15.
  • Spotlit baller redlining multi-elements.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Why doesn’t Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Sacramento Kings have a real face when he is averaging almost 14 PPG and is a regular starter?
  • The-Sporty-Hero
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    edited December 2018
    Glass cleaned overpraised upping.
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    Madden fan since 93.
  • Clueminati_017
    329 posts Senior Moderator
    edited December 2018
    Balancing the fundamentals both sides of the ball offensively and defensively. I replayed this on Twitter that involves me going on a rant on bad the system on having a lost system, or the AI just excludes them on being alert where there's no defensive awareness none whatsoever from two players until the center is seeing the player drive to the basket.

    Check out @Clueminati017’s Tweet:

    This next tweet shows a blown 3 on 2 fast break. Where the guard is covering the perimeter to stop the ball handler; the ball handler dishes off to the trailer for the easy basket; and the defender is letting AI set himself back into a zone without freely knowing the situation.

    Check out @Clueminati017’s Tweet:

    The game itself can be fun and challenging, but it's the lost mechanics of the AI getting in the way. If it's not that? The computer can control the player that you're on if trying to be aware on recovering a blocked shot; a rebound; or loose ball where the player looks at it, or unless there's a wait time for triangle.

    Once again, and I'll repeat it. Balancing is definitely needed for both sides of the ball fundamental wise, and they need to find a way balancing all players besides making one op. This is why I complain that this game needs more of a Player / User Basketball IQ.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Want to be able to make a shooting guard plz.
  • Clueminati_017
    329 posts Senior Moderator
    I want to throw this question out for everyone. How do you all feel about primary and secondary positions for your player? I believe someone in the community spoke about this, and I need some of you guys think about it. For say, your power forward can be your center; or your shooting guard can be your small forward? While still having the option on not having a secondary position while building up traits, but with the primary and secondary player. You can be a small forward wing defender like Scottie Pippen and Kawhi Leonard; and that slasher shooting guard if you're willing to put in work and the grind building multiple traits than a singular trait. Therefore creating roles on the style your player play like two-way player such as K. Thompson, Kawhi, AD; pass first point guard like Rubio, Kidd, Fox, Paul, others that fall in the category; point forward like LeBron; glass cleaner like Rodman; stuff like that which also includes the WNBA players. Because we need the female gamers more love to create the level balance all around.

    Just for the record, those defensive replays came from The One League and LUT. There is no way that was a bash, but sometimes you got to point it out for them to take a look. I spoke about the balancing of the defense and offense needs to be hand and hand like it's a strategic chess match. A ball handler options is to create, score, or contribute while the defender is finding ways to stop the ball, preventing the ball handler using his strong hand, and wondering the level of aggressiveness. That's why I feel the AI on defense is a bit of a letdown, but it needs to be addressed. The use and dominance of the post game for the big man needs to be fixed, and definitely find balance from all styles of the player without going overpowered.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Disabled player exception owndoms.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Clueminati_017
    329 posts Senior Moderator
    A game changer once brought this to the table about sim and arcade style gaming. I know you can't please them all where ones want sim, and others want to have arcade. How about having the option of both? It can help conducts both sides of the gamers who wants to see a sim style game for fouls, strategic execution both sides of the ball, and how to work your team from starters to bench depth. Where the game can change if one player is moving sluggish or wearing down on the court, and having it arcade like can be a complete opposite than what sim is showing. Madden gives the user an option to switch from arcade and simulation, and Live may have to give that option to users too.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
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