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live run gameplay needs to be address asap

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edited September 2018
the lag is really bad.

nerf 3pt shooting plz
that right stick spam is craz, they flick down on the stick create a tiny bit of space and hit that shot every time. live 18 did it right imo they actually had to create space it rewarded tight defends.

what happen to putting a body on a person underneath the basket like live 18? the ppl found a glitch, they run underneath the basket pump fake then some how you can't put a body on them which turns into a dunk every time. again live 18 you was able to put a body on them forcing them into a lay up.
I understand strength has something to do with it which is fine but they shouldn't be able to move that fast lateral wise to get around u especially when your thinner and faster the way it is now is fake.

I know everyone was yelling for layup nerf plz reverse that. i was running every where trying to stop ppl from saying that until we see a leveled up defender class before the nerf. man i think i was right, everything gets blocked, plus missing a lot of layups.
if layups over 85 to 90 great, 80 to 84 good below that is just average and should be missing layups a lot more

the dribble moves doesn't feel responsive, maybe it's the lag. when playing offline it's better but i think it should be better imo. Another thing can't move player when receiving a in bound pass

listen i know the dribbling suppose to be fun but man the defense needs to be able to stop them when in the right spot. plus on defense it's like you stuck in the mud trying to keep up with offensive player movement especially laterally.
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