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NBA Live 19 - Title Update 4, November 15th (Updated)

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What’s up NBA LIVE peeps,

Here’s the notes to today's HUGE Title Update.

Here’s the deets:

Key Changes
  • Some Solo Live Events Arriving Soon and New Live Event Rules
    1. Go into Live Events playing solo with other AI players or invite your friends
    2. We have a bunch of new game rules brought over from Court Battles that we will be incorporating into our Live Event programming
  • Improved Matchmaking
    1. Lots of work this past month to improve the matchmaking experience
    2. Functionality to merge lobbies that have groups of players that are awaiting to fill when going public
  • Audio
    1. 1200 New Samples
      1. Content Refresh / Updates to Play by Play
      2. Intensity Tuning for more high intensity moments
  • Gameplay
    1. Trait Tuning / Balance updates
    2. Online Stability (desync fix)
    3. Passing Animation selection Logic Improvements (passes from the post will respect player facing better – address cases where player was looking in the opposite direction of the pass target)
  • Art updates
    1. New CANVAS artist series courts: Lourdes Villagomez, Pantone
    2. Updates to courts: Portland Trailblazers, Indiana Fever, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks
    3. Updates to NBA uniforms: Memorial patch added to Trailblazers, Denver Nuggets sponsor patch fixed, Lakers number size fixed, Phoenix Suns sponsor patch added & statement shorts fixed, Color of numbers on LA Clippers icon jersey fixed
    4. Numerous player head updates
    5. Fixes to BAPE x Mitchell & Ness jersey materials, fixed Mitchell & Ness gold jerseys appearance
    6. Fixed jersey #11 spacing and appearance
    7. Clipping issues fixed with ankle braces and socks
    8. Fixed issues with various shoe models not appearing properly in-game: Kyrie models, KD8, LeBron XII Elite
    9. Hairstyle updates: Panther braids added, Jheri Curl style fixed, Curly Short Sides fixed
    10. Jerseys can now fit longer last names on back
    11. Fixed appearance of hoodie drawstrings


Jersey Number Updates


Ratings Movers & Shakers

Updated patch notes
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  • Still need position change. Wanna play 2 guard. Just saying
  • Edoggtiki
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    edited November 2018
    Please tell me "General tuning and bug fixes" for game play means the outrageously high made shot %, especially contested shots, and the ability for a defender or complete lack of ability to defend these shots, are a couple of the tuning and bugs that's been adjusted!?!???? And how about all the animations like how passing out of a shot sends the ball to outer space nearly every time!? I was a point guard for 13 years and I can honestly I never threw a ball into the upper rows of the bleachers and I successfully reached my intended target 9/10 times maybe 8 at worst. How about this boundary line!? Is it a an impenetrable forcefield or a black hole sucking everyone inside it? Needs to be one or the other. U, a.I. Shouldn't control the outcome of games as much as it does. Only things like skill level. Bball iq. Team play. Etc. Not some dumb animation or those G.O.A.T cpu players u fill lobbies with! Hell, they know where I'm going before I ever know! Also, why are my teammates I pass it to sometimes outta bounds?!? Who they talking to? I could and probably should keep going with all I'm hoping has been addressed but I gotta high school boys basketball team to coach. Hopin I can get em all shooting 75+% like we all do on live 19.

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  • Were the City basketball jerseys
  • We need some attention in Play Now H2H - we need a team tier system! I use Orlando or Chicago...but I'm playing "high" ranked players that just cheese with golden state or LBJ...they don't play their OWN Defense and they run around in circles and hit half court 3s with KD or Curry...wheres the skill??? Orlando shouldn't be in the same tier as GS...we need DNF% on MATCHUP screen...i feel like there is little to no attention given to ONLINE H2H...come one live I spend my hard earn $$$ to support your product! 2K steals ideas from LiVE all day!! ! Forget the moral high ground...take ideas from them too!!! On the fly coaching is a joke...players can intercept passes behind their head...all sorts of craziness...and on top of that...if I start leading the game...it coincidently "disconnects" every time.. ..like... what's good?!! EA??
  • first off, sorry for the post with all caps. I'd literally just gotten off Live not minutes before posting it. needless to say, I was a little frustrated. anyway, I just got done with the HUGE 11gb update. how long before some of the stuff mentioned above actually come in to affect? i just tried to play a live event with only A.I. and wasn't able to. thanks for ur feedback.
  • What is the update to gameplay?! All that cosmetic stuff means nothing ATM if the gameplay doesn't get same respect, and if the game is unplayable due to the lack of it.
  • What about roster updates online head to head players that have been traded? Also players that are currently injured should be out.
  • Think y'all can add back when we could use any color sleeve in the league mode
  • This is the gameplay tuning everyone and its messed up
    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
  • Lol so a 9.6GB update and there’s still no City Jerseys or new shoe models lol okay it’s starting just like it did last year. Haven’t even added the Butler trade yet. Again just like last year it somehow take you guys a month if not more to do this stuff and 2k has it done in a few days
  • Lol so a 9.6GB update and there’s still no City Jerseys or new shoe models lol okay it’s starting just like it did last year. Haven’t even added the Butler trade yet. Again just like last year it somehow take you guys a month if not more to do this stuff and 2k has it done in a few days

    It was 11.6 GB 👍🏽
    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
  • Can we please get a update on the game play alone. The game itself is great, but the game play really needs update very badly. If u got everyone out doing the same crossovers then it makes the game no fun at. On defense it's very frustrating to me when someone goes up to shoot, and I try for a block and my player dont at least try and jump up. This lag/delay is killing me. It would be nice to see my player try. We need the fundamental of real basketball in Live 19. Please EA make some adjustments to the game play. I was so irritated with the new update that I almost went out and bought 2k which I dont want to do.
  • Yup gameplay gameplay gameplay. Needs work, but I’m not gonna give up on live, said I would support no matter what. So please return the favor with fixing gameplay for your loyal fans and supporters. Thank 🙏
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