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😠Franchise mode is unacceptable!!

This could be a great game EA could probably make it's come back on the NBA side if you commit to making every part of this game as real as possible . I have a serious problem with your franchise mode on this year's NBA live.So many serious flaws that shows you guys didn't put much effort into the franchise mode at all and there is a lot of people that really only play franchise mode for the simple fact it makes you feel as if you are running a NBA franchise but on NBA live franchise mode it doesn't give you that feeling.Heres why---( 1. EDIT PLAYERS)You can't edit players- change there position/edit ratings (2.TRADES) Trades are not realistic you can trade for a player then trade him again right away when realistically you can't trade a player for a certain amount of days after aquiring him the makers of NBA live didn't look into NBA rules when it comes to trades or rules after signing a player in free agency(. 3.Coach/GM/Owner OFF SEASON )The off season on this franchise mode is not a off season you can't choose to fire coach's and sign different coach's ,GM's,trainers -- you can't negotiate player contracts--- you can't scout rookies or edit them .(. 4 COACHING STRATEGY )there is no type of way to edit how your team plays like the team philosophy if they are a fast pace team/defensive minded team etc.(5.)The whole salary cap system is off on this game compared to NBA 2k you can have 2 players on your roster g o in to free agency and not have cap room to sign anyone then you just skip it and the CPU just sign all type of players for you SMH....
I hope EA fix the franchise mode on the game asap if the franchise mode can be flawless for Madden it should be the same for the NBA and that's why this is unacceptable


  • I agree. Especially with the player edits. That seems like it should be common place.
  • Clueminati
    285 posts Senior Moderator
    I agree that franchise depth should be there for both brands where I'm speaking about with both NBA and WNBA. If you don't mind? Please post that to the AMA for the NBA Live Devs, and I will have this down as a wishlist.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • You gotta be kiddin me! That doesn't make any since! How can you not use updated rosters in a NBA season? So they expect you to use outdated rosters throughout your entire season? So you have to start your season over every time a new roster update drops? Am I in the wrong mode to play a full 82 game season with the latest rosters? If that's the case, there should be a regular season mode separate from the Franchise mode. Your only option to play a full season is on Franchise with outdated rosters?? 🤔
  • And why is it the only mode that gets current roster updates is Play Now? Who plays Play Now besides 10 year olds and casual novices. It seems like EA is trying to drive people away from the Franchise mode into the other modes. I'm hot as fish grease! 🔥 🔥 🔥 I can't play this game anymore.
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