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Not give a player mode showdown

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edited November 2018
Good afternoon, the player Artem UID 96334273 in the opposing squad took 692 places, but the player was not given. Please help.
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  • Hi Artem, i have the same issue.

    the last week I've been ranked within 400 in Legend Division, but did not get an award (Curry 85)...Then I opened a ticket to EA Customer Support page (3 days ago, Monday) and in every reply from their side they asked some new info or details. After 3 emails, today I've got a new reply where they asked for some info and details they already asked 2 days ago...

    its very unproffesional from them, and I am supprised that they can not solve it very fast, suppose that they have some history data, and it should be solved (negativly or positivly) very easy....I still waiting an answer from them...

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