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I decided to change from nba 2k to return nba Live 19 and after I paid 60$ all i can to do is play offline because online play has TO LAG. In the begining I thought that was my player because I had
little value but now a I have 99 and play a online match is a f...... Fifa is good, i don´t understand it. If in jaunuary wont change this situation I´ll be back to nba 2k


  • The Live co-op events are fine. I guess it's just multiplayer.
    I played a game last night and had no problems, but the player i was playing
    did say that they had some lag at times.
  • I am on ethernet 88mbps and I lag out of a game on live run more than half the time. sometimes I lag out literally during the tip off as in the ball just got tipped and I lagged out already. Last year I didn't lag out once now I can't seem to complete a game. There are a couple hours here and there where it is fine but most of the time I lag out all the time. I know it's not my internet because I stay in the party I'm in and still talking with my friends just fine. Fix your servers. I get lag so much more than I should or ever did last year. Co-op events are fine just please do something about this lag out issue because I'm not the only one in my friend group. I will be on 5v5 or 3v3 and sometimes our whole team lags out. in the first half.
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