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Things to improve on b4 live becomes 2k

Way too much emphasis on the offensive side of the ball. Too easy to score. Shot percentages whether guarded and/or contested, ESPECIALLY contested, all too often go in. When contested (just a hand in their face) even a shooter is lucky to make 3/10. On here, 40-50% and higher is the norm. Fouls for "reaching" in 5s happens nearly every time u attempt to steal the ball and I can tell u as both a player and coach that many of the reach fouls called on this game would not be called in a real game. ESPECIALLY a street ball game. I'm all for calling fouls here and there even in street ball but when a skilled defender keeps getting called for 'straight up hands in the air' shot contest and attempted strips against poor oppenents that dribble in circles and drive a crowded lane while ignoring their 4 other teammates who mind you, are wide open just watching this dude waste their time, it ruins the game for everyone involved EXCEPT those who play like that. Unfortunately, and in their defense, they are often rewarded with and ones and eventually free shots at the chart stripe once their in the bonus. Selfish play should not on result in a "ball hog" deduction from their individual teammate grade but also an Increased likelihood of a successful steal, blocked shot, charging call, etc. Not free points basically encouraging them to continue their selfish play rather than trying to teach them to play team ball. Start paying more attention to "unsupportive behavior" reports and encourage ppl to report it more often. Lobbys matchmaking should also be more efficient when it comes to how they're loaded and who each player is matched up with to defend. Rating, position, height, weight, speed, etc should all play a roll in where ur placed and who ull defend and if and when ur stuck with a computer oppenent as ur man, it shouldn't be so ridiculously hard to shake them with or without the ball on offense!!!! It's like they (AI PLAYERS) know where ur gonna be before you even do! They should be adujusted to play more like a human opponent. Otherwise the team with those players that have a computer oppenent up their a** all game are all but eliminated from the game givin their team a man or two or three man disadvantage. Especially on offense. Spacing...I like that ppl are rewarded for it now. It's important. That said, it or something similar could be applied in many other instances besides ur teams half court offense. For instance, full court press. All too often ppl press full court in games when it's not necessary leaving their teammates to clean up their mess when the press is broke which leads to easy buckets for oppenents as it should. Putting something in place that would negatively and or positively affect their players mentality, teammare grade, and so on for properly/improperly timed presses as well as double teams may help teach player when to use those things and when not to. I could go on and on but these are the things that seem to really be taking away from how much Ive enjoyed live since it re-emerged in 16. It's starting to remind me too much of 2ks game play and why u quit playing 2k. One more thing, celebrations. I'm fine with them but they should be used accordingly. Players who choose to overuse them should also have to be weary of the fact that an ill timed celebration could and should lead to them being burnt on the following inbounds play by their opposing team. Excessive celebrating is in place as a penalize-able offense in nearly every professional sport and given this game now calls fouls, this should also be addressed. Not only is it annoying, it's bad sportsmanship at times too which shouldn't be encouraged.


  • Completely agree
  • 82Rules
    57 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    I think the 'Play of the game' needs tweaking badly.
    A player's team could lose 11-1 in a Live Run game, but that losing teams '1' was a great dunk, so it becomes play of the game. A losing squad should not have play of the game, is what i'm saying.
  • Sometimes I get a steal or rebound then go down the court and get two ankle breakers and then put up a game winning three and green it for the 11-9 win and I don't get play of the game when I am like that should be play of the game instead of a basic dunk. This does need to be fixed for play of the game.
  • Ever notice when facing a team with new live run player/'s on it (low hype ratings. especially 9s and lower) that all of a sudden ur maxed out player plays like a 70 should and the newbies play like 99s!?!? I know I have. Noticed it in 16, noticed it more in 18, and now in 19....WOW. I'd rather run against 10 MAYA MOORE CPUs than two 9 hype or lower humans. Its as though the game is programmed with handicaps for weaker less experienced players or something. So Today after getting my a** kicked over and over by these players that mind you I've got 3000 plus games of experience on and that's just on 19, I finally broke down and made a brand new player (wing defender) on a brand new acct so I could see for myself. Is it just me bein a poor sport or is there some truth to this suspicion of mine. I ran 12 games. 8 games of 3s and 4 games of 5s. Random lobbies each time as well so I'd have different teammates and opponents in every game. I didn't apply any earned skill points either so I stayed at 70 overall throughout all 12 games. Verdict??? I DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE GAME. I went 12 - 0. I shot 72% overall (64 from 3), avged over 5 assist, 4 reb, 2 blocks, and just under 1 steal (.91) a game. I completely shut down who I was guarding with ease regardless of their rating and experience. I made contested shots I shouldn't have while the guy I was guarding missed wide open layups. Basically, it was like I was Jordan in his prime and my opponent was a middle schooler that rode the bench. This game is rigged and until that changes, I'm done with live. It's like a slot machine and that's ****. It's not right. I should be able to dominate a rookie. If they don't like it, oh well. Either put the time in like I have so u get better or don't. It should be up to them to get better and not be given so they buy ur dam game. I quit 2k cuz i thought paying to upgrade my player was ****. Maybe I was wrong.
  • moe71
    82 posts Member
    only one thing wrong with Live or any EA team sport game. it promotes no defense. people think playing defense on live is never guarding the man with the ball. Pathetic , or in Fifa or NHL letting the cpu guard you and run aside the CPU as if you backing up the CPU. Pathetic
  • RazzMcNasty
    4 posts New member
    Another thing about the defense the "posterize" animation should really only trigger in situations where the shot blocker actually challenges the dunk on a *jump contest* and mis-timed the attempt. Posterizing players for simply defending in the area is kinda OP. Too often a guy will get dunked on, it not even be his matchup & he didn't jump contest.
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