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Online Lag

The lag is terrible and can’t time jump shots and guarding is difficult because of the lag.


  • Nuhbehavia
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    edited September 2018
    tonylee35 wrote: »
    The lag is terrible and can’t time jump shots and guarding is difficult because of the lag.

    In Live Run, the lag is unbearable, game breaking, and far worse than last year. What happened EA, fix this? Do not replicate 2K servers. You guys have plenty of other games' servers to go off of.
  • Thank you. Damn tap shooting. The bar moves too fast. I sweat fix this.
  • Last year the lag was more bearable and that was bad I lag out almost every game and half the time I would have no prior lag in that game
  • I have had Live Run lag and shot meter issues due to lag since the demo, I had to switch from a shooter to a scorer so that I don't need to use the shot meter ! in 16 and 18 I never had an issue , EA does not think there is a problem so there will never be a fix , This game is their red headed step child , all the new players gained in 18 from 2k are going back to 2k , Good job with Nba LaG 19 EA !!!
  • Does anyone have any tips to deal with the lag input? I started playing UT head 2 head games and I can't make a jump shot for the life of me.
  • Yeah, the lag and input lag online is ridic..you have to play different to how you play "offline"
  • @EA Sports be nice if you could reply back to your loyal customers when they have complaints about issues like this online lag. We as customers pay money for your product but we never get a response or the issue fixed in a appropriate time frame. What happened to customer is always right and taking feedback so that you could sell more products. NBA Live 18 was not this bad only thing i hated about that game was nobody could make a wide open layup and now Live 19 started off great then whatever EA tried to fixed def made it way worse.. I am pretty sure you have someone who test games out all the time especially when they do updates if you don't you need to start i think we are tired of complaining about these games i'm telling you as a gamer if this is not fixed soon you can def count me out on any game you ever put out.
  • The game is actually decent if they could fix the online lag issue!!! I like it better than 2K, but this lag is ridiculous.
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    I would prefer to play online but the lagging makes it almost impossible.
  • i tested my play offline and online and in online there's a very distinct level of latency this really makes it a pain when shooting or defending. this needs to be addressed immediately!
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