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NBA LIVE 19 - 12/13 Title Update Details


  • BeastDeron wrote: »
    I just feel like u guys would bring in so many NBA 2k fans if y'all just made the players and the animations look more realistic but you guys are doing a good job so far just keep improving

    Players are nice its the players animations celebrating that is dry no emotion
  • RazzMcNasty
    4 posts New member
    edited December 2018
    In gear socks should have deselect or no show option.

    Live Run needs to allow the host or highest ranked player on the team to choose teammate positions.

    1 on 1 scrimmage should allow selecting the created player.
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  • malikiCMG wrote: »
    We need to have the 3 point contest and dunk contest back in the game for the mode and the league mode and if you wanna compete with 2k just have in the game to just play as well...add more courts for 3v3 cause it's more courts for 5v5 but not for 3v3

    How many courts 2k have
  • malikiCMG wrote: »
    We should be able to chat with the imposing team on live run 3v3 and 5v5 to bring more competition and fun cause 2k has that feature this year

    Too many voices
  • malikiCMG wrote: »
    Turn 5v5 into a pro am thing and give each team a uniform to wear

    This would be better for court battles playing with a team
  • With the changes to Court Battles, you have essentially stolen around 1,000,000 spent RP that I could have spent on Gear, Players and Court Designs since the changes have removed all the court battle riles, modifiers, playstyles when will I see a return in all the funds I have spent?
    Melbourne, AUS
  • You should add the city edition courts for when you are wearing the city jersey, to all game modes
  • You should add a all star weekend game mode as well like in the older games and not just for the franchise game mode
  • Still waiting for the Frostbite Engine update.
  • And what about the update that just went down now
  • I purchased NBA 2k19 yesterday and I love playing this game way better!
  • When do we get Magic dribbling 2 animation ?
  • I think you guys have been doing a great job listening and changing the game for the better we just need a real time game schedule and rosters when I play with my the Lakers the rosters are not updated properly still had Chandler with no playing time and Rondo still playing and he supposed to be hurt you guys fixed the defence a little just need a little more nba with the updated rosters and more signature animation let's go EA it's in the game!!!!
  • Thanks for the recent updates! So are the black undershirts Jason Tatum and boogie cousins are wearing going to disappear? Since they aren’t wearing them in real life. I am curious.
  • Gotta give it to you that the game is smoother, but there is still lags in player control, hope you guys fix that, and one more thing, why not have some FIBA games like what you do in FIFA?
  • So. We still can't make a shooting guard?
  • Kyrie 5’s, LeBron 16’s, and Joel embid under armour basketball shoes. Are they going to make it in the game? The retro Jordan’s are nice, but are any of the most recent air Jordan’s going to make the game? I would love to know. Updated shoes and gear only adds to the enjoyment of playing the game. Is 2k the only basketball game that the basketball shoes in the game are up to date?
  • What's the point of playing "The One League" mode if it's not rewarding to the user? I think one of the big draws to making a created player is to FEEL like you're actually going through the trials and tribulations of an NBA player. Instead, what we are given is the cellphone of an NBA player... And that's even a stretch.
    1. Is it me or does the storyline kinda go M.I.A. after the first season?
    2. Again, we have a repeat of last year's antics with all the endorsement talk but no materialization.
    3. I won awards this year, a lot and guess what? There's no press conferences, no pictures, no REAL coverage of it. Why am I playing when there's not an in-game reward or scene to capsulate that event?
    4. I won the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP... No confetti, no Larry O'Brien Trophy, not even an on-court celebration. It was like the end of every other game I played that season. That was TRULY discouraging.
    5. Listen... 2k is making movies with their create a player mode and we are getting a golden turd. It may be golden but it's still a turd.
  • Lets focus on gameplay updates and we will prevail NBA LIVE IS ALL I PLAY LETS STOP PLAYING AND DO IT !!!
  • The League is not worth playing after one season. How about you give us an actual shoe deal the second year, and an option to give team input to the coach the following seasons etc. Real nba stars have influence and we should have that option.
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