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Is it normal for balls to rim out the majority of the time?

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It's completely unnatural and ridiculous. It's not normal behavior for a ball. I should not be missing all these shots. And you say oh haha you just suck. I do in fact suck at regular shots, but these are shots that don't use the shot meter. So unless there's some trick to layups I don't know about, you pretty much just hit the button and hope for the best. Which BTW, I don't try to do layups, I have a 95 dunk rating and I can't even dunk, my player just INSISTS on doing this trick shot layups and weird falling away layups, and pretty much any layup you would expect not to go in. But there are also plenty of fine looking layup attempts that don't go in either. I only have 85 layup rating, but I don't think it's only that.
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    I've been having the same problem at times. There were times i threw the controller in disgust.
    What button do you use to shoot? The SQUARE? I was fooling around in shootaround and saw (how i didn't try this before, idk!!) that on the DS4 controller for PS4, you can use the right stick for layups. I forgot if it's downward or upward - at work now, can't check - to get a much truer release. Go into Shootaround and check it out. It could make all the difference in the world.
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