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:) I think you guys should make an update letting us create our own nba live character and let us make a court and a team jersey I think this will increase your users because this is what artistic people like in video games so thank you for reading
Edit: also custom shoes would be nice too
Also I was thinking about the created player card system I think yall should make a repeatable daily beats where we can earn elevate cards to upgrade our players. I believe you guys will read this and consider making it in the game nba live mobile
-thanks guys, kf
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  • That's a big thing you're asking. Have you seen the size of any 2K game on PC or console? It's huge because of so many customisation options available. If they wanna do it right, they gotta make a HUUGE game/update and not many people would want that(I would tho.) So, they can't do injustice and make it ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Probably why they haven't done that yet. Cheers.
  • Hi i was just thinking of some improvements to the game such as:
    #1 The shot clock violation in the NBA is if the ball has not touched the backboard or the ring when it goes off. In the game it is only a violation if it is still in the players hands.
    #2 In the game there is no backcourt violation there should be.
    #3 Why whenever you vs the atlanta hawks in campain or anything else they are alyways wearing 76ers jerseys.
    #4 When playing in season mode it is really annoying when you are at home and the other team is away but they still wear their home jersey so their is two teams in white which makes it hard.
    #5 When me and my friends play season mode it always even with full internet connection runs at a slow speed 10fps in the last two quarters.
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