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Official Wishlist Thread


  • For NBA Live 20.
    Frostbite Engine
    A Mode Where Two NBA Teams Play In The Streets, Arcade Style
    Authentic Arenas (Like NHL)
    A Franchise Mode Like NHL And/Or NFL
    An Game Mode Like NHL'S Threes Mode.
  • HDTone
    4 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    What's the point of playing "The One League" mode if it's not rewarding to the user? I think one of the big draws to making a created player is to FEEL like you're actually going through the trials and tribulations of an NBA player. Instead, what we are given is the cellphone of an NBA player... And that's even a stretch.
    1. Is it me or does the storyline kinda go M.I.A. after the first season?
    2. Again, we have a repeat of last year's antics with all the endorsement talk but no materialization.
    3. I won awards this year, a lot and guess what? There's no press conferences, no pictures, no REAL coverage of it. Why am I playing when there's not an in-game reward or scene to capsulate that event?
    4. I won the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP... No confetti, no Larry O'Brien Trophy, not even an on-court celebration. It was like the end of every other game I played that season. That was TRULY discouraging.
    5. Listen... 2k is making movies with their create a player mode and we are getting a golden turd. It may be golden but it's still a turd.
  • Please, please, please include historical data in franchise mode.
    And include contextual commentary as your season and future seasons unfold!
  • Alright here I go:

    The One mode: Want the ability to choose my actual specific position and as well a secondary position in the positionless NBA era. Also want to be able to pick out wing span on my player as well. Also can I use a name last or first don’t matter just don’t want to be just known as the One entire time in mode. It’s been done before right.

    For The One a journey should be set based on these draft moments: If player chooses to be picked or signed as a Lottery Pick, as a 15-30 pick, as a Second round pick, or go undrafted this can create four different types of journeys for players to play through and this can in turn be a story used through ESPN and Social Media in this mode.

    In the One want to have my choices affect my teammates, coaches, and media. Through interviews or any other type of choices NBA player can make. Actual cause and effect based on player choices.

    WNBA add Franchise and One for the ladies come on now should have been in from jump.

    Both The One and Franchises all players and coaches should have personality. Which can affect contract negotiations and more.

    Franchise needs more depth in the mode it’s been mentioned many times just them in so many fans have excellent points. Improve trade system and allow up to four team trades. Improved scouting system is a must should have that choice to unlock a player potential or fit to team or something. Let those players that enjoy creating draft classes there chance to do so for those of us who like to download these draft classes. Please let it happen and please let it be for both The One and Franchise.

    EA and ESPN are in a contract right. So act like it more, more, and more ESPN features in the game. Improve commentary in the game, add in a show or two from ESPN for weekly round up or what not they got one or more mainly based on NBA. After game interviews set for both One and Franchise. Improve the halftime show get it to the ESPN standard. That’s for all sport Franchises.

    Social Media stuff was alright, but man it felt forced. Want it to be authentic get them to relax and just do their stuff. Also have some female be part of this too. Got the single media person, but what about those in a group. Add more depth to it I guess too.

    Add in record books for team and player. Would like to break a record with team or player and the announcers mention it during game plus in future games. For both NBA & WNBA just to make sure.

    Keep working and improving on the graphics and more. Have seen my players too often walking into the crowd of fans when I chose to talk junk to opposing players. This be having me crack up, but seriously keep grinding on this and be aware of those small mistakes.
    Bring back drafting entire season like old school NBA Live for Franchise mode.

    Oh yes please work on Coaching in game decisions: Setting up match up defensively, more play types based on coaching style, substitution needs improvements too many times I have seen a player sub into game for 1 min this occurred on on both mode.

    This is what I got for now I just got back into the series with Live 18 and been gone since Live 09. Just keep grinding it out and please do think about fans constructive criticism or suggestions to improve game. Actually more then just think act upon some of those it would be appreciated a whole lot by us.
  • Please add player lock for franchise mode. This would give so much replayability for the game.
  • Add new shoes it's already january and there is no lebron 16 kyrie 5 harden 3
  • SalemDoom
    17 posts Member
    edited January 2019
    leave this gambling mechanic to events only NOT in stores.

    ability to modify faces and body types.

    (the one) no set numbers for skills or having to unlock skills.

    this feature is too overpowered especially with cpu strongly needs to be reworked!

    more original dribbles, shots, dunks, layups needed. focus on making animations not feel so stiff, sluggish, and overriding of our actions.

    ability to edit apparel of unlocked players (ie live events, etc)

    there is seriously something off about these situations it needs fixing. example: cpu makes ridiculous contested shots/baskets with heavy defense they shouldn't make, players as well.

    CPU IQ
    cpu controlled teammates always have lower fg% compared to cpu opponents. even with top nba players on your tream. needs balancing.

    old school hip hop, classic rock, pop, dubstep, no mumble rap.

    very bad and sounds too scripted.

    this needs filters like skill based que or specific roles to fill matches. not just throw people in to fill matches. matches are unbalanced if you are in co-op with randoms against cpu and there is no center or anyone to properly line up with opposite positions.

    the ball physics are very uncharacteristic needs major improvement. no cosmetic rewards (sneakers) while stat building. ability to hear others on mic with having one in. I just see their icon but cannot hear.
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  • I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but adding the G League would be great addition to the Live. In addition adding European, Asian, S. American, and etc leagues to Live. Also sort of like FiFa adding international teams USA, Canada, Argentina, and more.
  • Wish list for me is that I get 10 create player slots, also Spectate a private court so I can host my League better. Thank you in advance.
  • What’s up with these step back 3’s or if you get your 2 feet right you hit a 3 or get a foul. I literally had a guy hit like 10 3’s with PG13. I’m playing defense all on him or the cpu is playing defense. Hands up and jumping sometimes. Like wow. Gotta fix that
  • Simplified canvas view and join from the end game menu when completing a game.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but adding the G League would be great addition to the Live. In addition adding European, Asian, S. American, and etc leagues to Live. Also sort of like FiFa adding international teams USA, Canada, Argentina, and more.

    I’ve been asking the same thing via 2k though. I also thought college leagues. I have a big list if you want to see
  • dunkle93
    25 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    This is the list I have for leagues:

    Tier 1
    ⁃ Spain
    ⁃ Italy
    ⁃ France
    ⁃ Turkey
    ⁃ Russia (VTB)
    ⁃ Adriatic (former Yugoslavia)
    ⁃ Israel
    ⁃ Greece
    ⁃ Germany
    ⁃ Lithuania
    Tier 2
    ⁃ Poland
    ⁃ Czech Republic
    ⁃ Belgium
    ⁃ Latvia / Estonia
    ⁃ Bulgaria
    ⁃ Finland
    ⁃ Denmark
    ⁃ Hungary
    ⁃ Romania
    ⁃ Ukraine
    Tier 3
    ⁃ Austria
    ⁃ Cyprus
    ⁃ Georgia
    ⁃ Netherlands
    ⁃ Portugal
    ⁃ Sweden
    ⁃ Norway
    ⁃ Iceland
    ⁃ Great Britain
    ⁃ Switzerland
    ⁃ Belarus
    ⁃ Kosovo
    America’s League
    Tier 1
    ⁃ Mexico
    ⁃ Brazil
    ⁃ Argentina
    ⁃ Venezuela
    Tier 2
    ⁃ Dominican Republic
    ⁃ Puerto Rico
    ⁃ Panama
    ⁃ Uruguay
    ⁃ Chile
    ⁃ Colombia
    Asia Champions Cup
    ⁃ Australia
    ⁃ China
    ⁃ Japan
    ⁃ Korea
    ⁃ Philippines
    ⁃ WABA (Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq)
    ⁃ Arabic Gulf (Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman)
    ⁃ ASEAN
    ⁃ Zone 1 (North)
    ⁃ Zone 2 (West A)
    ⁃ Zone 3 (West B )
    ⁃ Zone 4 (Central)
    ⁃ Zone 5 (East)
    ⁃ Zone 6 (South)
    ⁃ Zone 7 (Islands)
    NCAA Division 1
    1 Big 12
    2 Big Ten
    3 Big East
    4 ACC
    5 SEC
    6 Pac-12
    7 American
    8 WCC
    9 MAC
    10 Ivy
    11 CUSA
    12 Southern
    13 MVC
    14 Atlantic 10
    15 Mountain West
    16 WAC
    17 CAA
    18 Sun Belt
    19 Big Sky
    20 Horizon League
    21 Big West
    22 Atlantic Sun
    23 Patriot
    24 Southland
    25 Northeast
    26 Ohio Valley
    27 Summit
    28 Big South
    29 America East
    30 MAAC
    31 SWAC
    32 MEAC
    USports (Canada Universities)
    ⁃ G-League
    ⁃ CEBL (Canada League)
  • dunkle93
    25 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    This is national teams:

    FIBA World Cup Qualifier Teams

    - Tunisia
    - Cameroon
    - Chad
    - Guinea
    - Nigeria
    - Rwanda
    - Mali
    - Uganda
    - Angola
    - Egypt
    - Morocco
    - DR Congo
    - Senegal
    - Central African Republic
    - Ivory Coast
    - Mozambique

    - Argentina
    - Uruguay
    - Panama
    - Paraguay
    - Venezuela
    - Brazil
    - Chile
    - Colombia
    - USA
    - Puerto Rico
    - Mexico
    - Cuba
    - Canada
    - Dominican Republic
    - US Virgin Islands
    - Bahamas

    Asia & Oceania
    - New Zealand
    - South Korea
    - China
    - Hong Kong
    - Australia
    - Philippines
    - Japan
    - Chinese Taipei
    - Jordan
    - Lebanon
    - Syria
    - India
    - Iran
    - Kazakhstan
    - Qatar
    - Iraq

    Europe Qualifiers
    - Armenia
    - Slovakia
    - Albania
    - Macedonia
    - Portugal

    - Spain
    - ****
    - Slovenia
    - Belarus
    - Turkey
    - Latvia
    - Ukraine
    - Sweden
    - Lithuania
    - Poland
    - Hungary
    - Kosovo
    - Italy
    - Netherlands
    - Croatia
    - Romania
    - France
    - Russia
    - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    - Belgium
    - Czech Republic
    - Finland
    - Bulgaria
    - Iceland
    - Germany
    - Serbia
    - Georgia
    - Austria
    - Greece
    - Israel
    - Estonia
    - Great Britain
  • JESTA77
    3 posts New member
    I would like to see progressional Icon paths, through today's stars, in to the best ever in that spot. e.g. SG, Derozan, to Ray Allen, to Kobe/MJ. C, Davis, to Shaq, to Wilt/Russell etc. That would add some more variety, and help with the feeling that your player is heading towards legendary status.
    Can keep the categories like Floor General, Wing Defender/Slasher/Shooter etc.
    Allow us to be SGs.
    Greater allowances on height (6'7 to 6'10 PGs etc, as Magic was 6'9 and Simmons is 6'10
    Don't tank the stats on the players we pick up early on in The Streets. My Paul George shouldn't be 81Ovr. Make the big guns come out later down the track. Have one or two high rated legends join early on, to keep the interest e.g. AI from Philly, could still come 1st tier, but make him the 90+ovr he should be.
    Continue to keep the XP leveling the way it is. Soooooo much better than 2Ks reliance on VC, and buying it with real money. Players who play more, should be higher rated, no matter how much money someone has (just like real life, train and get better.)
    Speaking of training, add a weekly training session/s for an extra XP boost, pending how successful the drills are done (kinda like FIFA, but more like an overall weekly bounty/event from the main screen. Can do it once with each created character).
  • JESTA77
    3 posts New member
    Oh, and once a street game is done, and xp has been allocated, I should be able to rematch straight back in to the same game.

    I would really like to see an option to have a playnow/freeplay mode on the street courts.

    Have options for 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 etc.

    Have the the option to pick the court, and perhaps set the rules(like court battles)

    Have the option to make teams from any combination of players in the game including, nba players, wnba players, and created players (both from the one mode and the edit roster create a player) (also it would be nice to have a create a female player option in the edit rosters section in addition to the one mode, the hairstyles are already there, just add the faces and a smaller body type to the mix)

    And to take it one step further maybe have the option for a street court tournament(like the madden games used to have) or even a very basic mini season mode. No need for the announcers and all that because it's just pick up games on the street.
  • Please ADD PLAYER LOCK feature on Franchise mode.
  • SalemDoom
    17 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    +minimize loading times (menus, opening loot, bringing up modes, etc)
    +online servers (latency and disconnects during gameplay)
    +physics and weight detection (for players/ball)
    +gameplay (more fluid and responsive controls)
    +contested shots, dunks, layups (it is highly unbalanced, rework)
    +ankle breaking (too easily obtainable, rework)
    +cpu defense (unrealistically op! even players with low defense stats!)
    +store (offer sales, buy all items directly, offer bundles, stat enhanced gear)
    +commentary (more genuine presentation, less scripted delivery)
    +menu navigation (quicker, shortcuts, and more responsive)
    +soundtrack (classic rock, pop, indie, edm, old school hip hop, funk)
    +gear+apparel (some pieces don't mesh well)

    -celebration slots for 3 pointers and dunks
    -cosmetic rewards from stat building tree
    -loot/random boxes from store
    -left and right gear items (example: arm sleeves, just buy one twice)
    -unlocking skills (keep all available for players to build)
    -set limits for player stat building
    -wardrobe restrictions (example: home only, away only)

    +more original: dunks, lay ups, dribbles, shot types, celebrations
    +assign play of the game celebrations (over random ones)
    +assign win celebrations (the left, right, up, down selection)
    +edit nba/unlocked player attires
    +more headbands
    +more hair styles (retro and modern)
    +mod face, body, hair (length)
    +more tattoos
    +filters for online matchmaking (by default, rank, player builds, positions, good W/L records)
    +my court venue editing (select outdoors/indoors, day/night, edit interior and seats)
    +press conference/interviews after games in league/franchise
    +group up mechanic (invite someone and enter online modes with that group)
    +hear teammates during lobby and gameplay
    +more legends including michael jordan!
    +avoid/prefer player feature (online play)
    +face masks
    +shoe creator
    +campaign for females
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  • Fix active rosters! I have been playing sense release and in Franchise mode rosters don't update! I am right at the all star break a few games to go ! Better commentary from broadcasters and add a sideline reporter!
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