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Check out our latest EA SPORTS NBA LIVE update here.

NBA Live - 01/10 Live Content Update

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What's up NBA LIVE peeps,

Check out our new Live content update here:
Update contents:
  • Bug fixes – Fixes issue with Vince Carter’s assets not appearing properly in Hoop Dome bonus and throwback games.
  • Updated Live Events Data
  • Roster updates – Transactions, Lineup adjustments, Playstyle adjustments
  • Store Update
  • New shoes

Roster updates
  • Roster moves:
  • Playstyle updates:

New store update:

New shoes:
  • Shaquille O'Neal rated 82 & 90C for Magic, new Reebok shoes (white on home & black/blue on away).


  • So where are the rest of the shoes
  • bugs aside, you need to fix some faces, do you guys know Jamal Crawford looks like his neighbor?
  • When will EA send an update that will allow Legend players to be available in Franchise mode?! That's what I'm waiting for.
  • When can we get an update with the Prince-inspired uniforms for the T-Wolves?
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    When will the Kings, Pistons, and Bucks arenas be updated to their new arenas?
  • When are you all going to update the shoes that the players are wearing on the court in real life? The kyrie 5’s, lebron 16’s, the new under armour’s, and the new air Jordan’s to name a few. Why are the shoes you all put in the game are from the year before? 2k always have new and up to date shoes that the players are actually wearing on the court, why can’t you all? You can’t even fully edit the players gear. I love the game but those are a few things that will make the game more enjoyable. Can we please get fresh kicks that aren’t recycled?
  • When are you guys going to update NBA live 19 Jayson Tatum and take the white shirt off him. He don’t wear it in real life anymore.
  • I’m trying to start a season with the Celtics and if you guys at NBA live head quarters can get the t-shirt off of Jayson Tatum it will be very much appreciated. I’m trying to start my season as soon as possible when ever you guys will update Tatum. Please and thank you!
  • Can I make a shooting guard yet?
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