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EA Sports Please Focus on NBA Street Game Style

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edited October 2018
1. EA next time next years just focus on NBA street games
Your street courts is so awesome! But we like to have a game like court battle in world tour street court to control all the players. That we can choose all courts and number of versus games 1 on 1 up to 5 vs 5 players.

2. Please put more insane animation in dunk
3. . Please put dunk contest in all world tour courts
4. Please fix the sound effect we cannot hear the ball dribles and some sound effect
5. Please put back the announcer in the court you used in NBA street 2
6. Please put create a street court creator live nba street 2
Please try this in NBA live 19 update it would be awesome!!!


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  • No no no!! This isn’t nba STREET! It’s NBA LIVE. No more of that 💩
    This is the main reason why ppl are complaining about the game, turning the game into something that isn’t. A street 🏀 game, main reason why this is unfinished broken game.
  • Prime7476
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    edited January 2019
    Now the idea is good only if EA is going to make a Nba Street game meaning a whole new title and not trying to turn Nba Live into a street game fully isn't the best idea at all. Now implementing Pro-Am is amazing however it shouldn't be the main focus at all. Gameplay and the Nba and Wnba portion need to be the focus alongside a deep franchise mode and making Nba Live ....Nba Live again.
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    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
  • FreshmanDam
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    edited December 2018
    That would be fun for another street game but they can still do both have a mode in live to play both sides
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  • yeah that would be great NBA Street live 20 yes yes yes!...come on EA don't pretend that you can beat NBA 2k, but you can surpass them with your street!..what are you waiting for???? release the the NBA street!

    That isn't going to happen plus it would a bad idea now if it is its own title then great but turning Live into Street would be extremely bad
    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
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