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NIAN Arrives 3 - Lunar New Year Objectives for week 2 displaying instead of 3


  • I saw that the LNY week 3 objectives are 500 points, 3000 stamina and 50 3 pointers.In two days that's hard!
  • And as a new member you can't send DM?How can i get in touch with the manager then?This sucks!
  • @bogdan87878787 Be patient if they say they'll help they'll lord willin, i have the same problem too, keeping my fingers crossed, we will get the gold token dont worry... @Simtja check your inbox he might have sent you a message
  • @Muzlini Thanks for the replay.Hope they will fix it soon.
  • 6204058
    3 posts New member
    I have the same problem, Poland, my log paccorosso8w
  • I don't get inbox. Vary sad. Please fix
  • Any fix on this EA? Been waiting for solution in this problem.
  • anybody get fixed???
  • Not yet bro @abc1279921869 we are yet to recieve any info on them, im really putting my hope into this i hope they dont forget abt us
  • They gonna fix the problem friday at noon when the campaign ends!:)))I guess Harden will not receive his clutch.That's that!
  • Don't understand you @bogdan87878787
  • @EA_Roger please we still haven't heard from you, Can you please update us on the situation, whats going on now please on this issue?!
  • @Muzlini The Lunar New Year campaign will end in 40 hours.I see that nobody from EA gives a damn about our situation.They could fix this if they want it to,it's not brain surgery if you know what i mean.
  • @bogdan87878787 bro understood wat u said, why I believe they'd fix it is that, not once not twice ive recieved packs from an event even when the event has expired, so all m trying to say is that i knw they fix it even when the event has expired, so m not really concerned that it'll end in 40hrs or less i knw they'll fix it one way or another i just dnt wanna wait 40hrs bfr getting My clutch Harden, what annoys me is seeing people with it and I'm still here struggling for an issue to be resolved. Thats just it, i mean i waited so long for this week just to get that Gold scale token only to realize that the black Scale came up again. That really annoyed me, i just hope they'll fix it sooner than later
  • @Muzlini You're right.Maybe i am rushing to think they will not get it done.Let's hope for the best!
  • beast2006
    1 posts New member
    edited February 2019
    Have the same problem. Promised nothing, but advised to post on forum, and said that it is my fault. Phhhh...I hope they'll solve the bug, but doubt. P.S. my uid
    [Removed UID ]
    Post edited by EA_Roger on
  • Any update in this problem? This is the last day of the LNY promo, it is unfair if they didnt fix this on time. Ive been sending reports and msgs to EA customer service, no reply what so ever. 🤕
  • Muzlini
    28 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    Yh bro we're still yet to hear from them, been doing same thing too, sent two msgs no reply, lets just hope for the best, dnt wanna lose my temper coz of this
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    edited February 2019

    My apologies for the delayed response, I know this event is finishing soon and you are eager to hear back from us. As we have been unable to fix the issue during the event we are going to provide you with a make-good/compensation to make up for it. I don't have details on when or what will be given but when I do I'll update you when I do


  • We don't understand you @EA_Roger
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