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Most players are awful teammates

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edited February 2019
I find that the majority and I mean the majority, probably 95% of players are awful teammates. Most people play isolation ball instead of team ball. Its extrememly frustrating. EA should NOT have a player minimum to start a game. I'd rather play with teamplayers or just give me the CPU players, they are better teammates.

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  • Most players NEVER wait for the pick to be set and when you do set it the dumb as se s go the wrong way. Are kids this stupid now a days or is this an anamoly?
  • Once you take away people's 90+ rating, they wouldn't score or do anything in this game lol. They'd probably get mad.
  • Still haven't played with anyone who knew how to time a good pass. Seems like NBA Live '20 should be 1on1 only. Isolation ball has corrupt the game into a none team sport. I remember the days where it was best to get the whole team involved, now, not so much.
    Also more to MY problem, I WANT to pass the ball aropund, I like assists. Problemis, NOBODY goes towards the hoop without the ball. Everyone seems to sit on the 3 point line waiting for the ball handler to either play the Iso game or if they can't get to the basket with the ball to pass it to the next guy on the 3 line so he can either shoot or try his hand at Iso ball. Its really pathetic to be honest.
  • In my opinion the ONLY way to fix this is to award a player MORE points towards his rank up or RP maybe for making assists then for scoring. You have to give these guys incentive to play team ball.
  • Clueminati
    324 posts Senior Moderator
    I understand your issue, and I get frustrated with teammates playing like that too. Where the player they have is very OP with the dribble, speed, shooting, and the selective step back. I do want to see a penalty for players that's hotdogging on the court not putting any efforts on defense, rebounding assisting, and screens. Which sometimes those players who loves shooting the ball all the time are the main ones complaining about their low reward points to a Dev. I spoke up about that to a certain known player who complained to a Dev about it.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Another problem is the POST game. NOT one single person ever plays it. Why is there characters with this in their skill tree, it seems a waste of skill points. I like to post up and back a player down and jam it on their heads but its impossible. I feel like nobody knows how to play the game of basketball anymore. I really like the game but the players are few and far between. In fact I think I have only played with maybe two or three players that even have a slight grasp of how to play a basketball game. Its a shame.
  • The problem is players have a low Basketball IQ. My biggest gripe playing Live Run with randoms is situational awareness. If a player gets an offensive rebound, they forget that they have a new shot clock, but they hurry to lay the ball in, and it just rolls right out.
    Another is in 5V5. I am pass first. I pass to players all game, but as soon as i'm open, do they pass to me?
    Of course not!
    As for the Post game, well, few use it, because it reflects the real NBA. I saw a couple of players post up, but very few. A caller to my sports station asked if Shaq could be dominant as he was in today's NBA. The host said no, and i agree.
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