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NBA Live 19 - Player likeness feedback

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Hey NBA LIVE peeps,

Our devs have heard your feedback about disparities when it comes to NBA & WNBA player likeness and want you to share the details here. If you have input on players ratings/archetypes/rotations or even physical appearance feel free to let us know here.

Happy Gaming,

The NBA LIVE Dev Team.
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  • I’m just wondering why the generic shoes can’t be changed when you edit a player?
  • Join Ball. Great league!
  • RADR91
    1 posts New member
    Hi EA!

    Thanks for this thread.
    You have made many excellent improvements compared to NBA Live 2018 and for this I want to say thank you.

    But I think some things can be improved and some players could be better.
    For example, and I would also say strangely, many Boston Celtics players:

    Kyrie Irving, was much better in NBA Live 18, had a slightly thicker and more realistic beard. I think it was perfect, in NBA Live 19 it seems almost more like the Kyrie just arrived at the Celtics from Cleveland.

    Marcus Morris, it seems almost bald when it is not. Also the "SR" should be inserted in the name of his shirt.

    Jayson Tatum is PROBABLY THE WORST OF ALL, his hair should be revised but above all should be removed that white undershirt (idem for Demarcus Cousins of GSW) that will have worn at most twice in the NBA.

    Marcus Smart, his hair should be reviewed. It's totally different, the same for color.

    Guerschon Yabusele, is well done regarding the face but the color of his hair is now blond. He also wears a headband.

    But there are also other players who are a bit hurt in my opinion:

    Anthony Davis is perfect but why not put the possibility to change the color of the undershirt he wears? In reality, the color changes according to the color of the Pelicans shirt.
    And why not put this possibility directly in the game editor?
    It would also be nice to be able to wear the headbands or protective masks like the one Wilson Chandler of the 76ers wearing.

    I hope you can really improve these little things, because the game is a lot of fun but seeing a whole team (like the Celtics in fact) not particularly cured is losing much of the realism that you want to give the videogame.

    Thanks again!
  • Yes RADR91! You hit the nail on the head! Also why aren’t the players wearing the shoes they have on in the game? The Kyrie 5’s, and the LeBron 16’s to mention a couple off the top. The game is great but it doesn’t reflect what the players are actually wearing in real life on the court. The retro shoes are great! But also update the shoes. It makes the game a lot more realistic. The game is fun to play but the lack of full editing of the players is truly a negative.
  • Alonzo trier body don’t look right . He look to big and his head is too small.
  • I noticed that every player has the same legs, it’s no different except for the ones with leg tatts but it’s the same legs with different skin tone color. Why does Dwight Howard have his own shoes but can’t wear them in the game? That needs to be fixed.

    The commentary is lacking big time and it needs an update or add different commentators to mix it up.

    If certain players are just wearing the generic EA shoes, there should be an option for them to wear different shoe brands or just one brand instead of the generic shoes.

    Since EA Sports is using ESPN in their game, it would be great to have ESPN radio in the game like they had it back in NBA Live 08 & 09.

    When I first played the game, it took me a game where Iverson & Shaq were on the same team and that was pretty cool. So, why not add NBA legends to the game? Make them available to play and with the option add them to current teams.

    Body type is an iussue as well. It seems like all the players have the same body type, the only difference is their height but body types should be fixed because every player in the game should have different bodies.

    Jayson Tatum and Anthony Davis are wearing undershirts in the game, there should be an option if we want to remove them or change the color depending on what uniform they’re going to wear.

    Maybe it’s me but if the game is supposed to resemble the players we see on TV, aren’t they supposed to sweat in the game? I’ve noticed the players in the game don’t sweat and there isn’t any sweat marks on their uniforms or sweat dripping from their face. So that’s something that could be added to the game.

    Shoes need to be updated with the current ones players are wearing on the court.

  • If players in the game are tired, it would be nice to see them look tired. Like they’re bending down with their hands on their knees.

    When I go to Rosters and switch players to different teams, why isn’t there a trade option? The trade option was in Live 18 but it’s not in Live 19, that needs to come back.

    There should be different game modes like “Playoff mode” where we can choose what teams go to the playoffs. All-Star weekend mode should be added to the game as well.

    I like the current music in the game, it’s great and it fits with the audience you’re going after. But, maybe update the music too? Like add a few new songs or add old school hip-hop/rap whenever there’s an update coming for the game.

    Not saying there should be fighting but it would be really cool to see players get in heated trash talk and get in each other’s face to the point where the refs or teammates have to separate them.

  • Can we get more animations ASAP especially Tristan jass and fillay
  • Great job on the game guys, but please improve COACH likenesses on sidelines! Faces and bodies look very elementary. Also maybe switch up suit colours from time to time to enhance realism.
  • eddybayker
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    edited February 2019
    Also... What is up with Henry Ellenson's EYES!
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  • SalemDoom
    17 posts Member
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    some of the wnba players faces look rough and you seriously need more body types. everyones body pretty much look the same whether tall or short. work on the face animations.
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  • What’s up with the new shoes? Please implement them in the game. The player likeness is cool except for the shoes man!! (And some hairstyles are off too)
  • donjom09
    5 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    Appreciate the updates devs team good job! While your at it can you please do updates on d-wades hair, cyberface & shoes (li-ning). Like common guys it's the future HOF's last year wish you can give him a dicent look. Hope we can also edit some of the players headband & undershirts. And kindly add some missing players in the game you guys where able to do it last year why stop from there 😖✊🏻
  • Massive progress in Finally the new game NBA LIVE is very improved and getting into right direction, as last couple of years has been quite bad, the graphic was very poor, playing-controlling players through the game, the game play controlling speed, ball controling, while the player shooting ball wasn't really.Sometimes unrealistic blocking impact,occasionally even now a little bit.But right now in the new NBA LIVE GAME is so much better all shooting,dribling,dunking and layaps! Players jerseys are in right colours made of, same as basketball courts and their surface are really well good made.
    But there are few little thinks that I don't like is like some of the players in NBA LIVE 19, like Lebron James,Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMarcus Cousins,Steven Adams and few more players his body shape like shoulders are too small but big head. Plus some of the players when they shooting their free pointer looking like they are shaking.
    Then the most popular thing in the PS4 games are missing is 3pointers and slam dunk competition its on all stars game in it , which is very bad.. Then BOSTON CELTIC court or surface should be upgrade as their brown court is in a weird colour is no real. In NBA live 18 had a better body and body lightened, but in nba live 19 better colors.I like the light body in the hall in the streets and beautifully smoothed faces is better!What would be super graphics of nba in the real hall!Thanks 😉
  • Hey EA, you are doing great with Live 19. The only thing that need to be added is some team creator feature, so we can create a team from scratch (create jerseys, courts, arenas etc.). We should be able to create old school teams with retro players. Also, you could include all retro jerseys for all NBA teams and maybe retro courts and then let us to fully customize team (adding vintage players and to create all missing ones). You already have a foundation for this, you just need to let us change and modify things!

    Cheers from Serbia!
  • Good job on the latest updates, but can you fix Ben Simmons and Kahwi Leonard’s beard/face scan oh yeah Kyrie 5 added also. Thanks.
  • When playing the one career mode, I have run into the issue of bad lineup management. Example: I am a 6 foot 9, 90 ovr Small Foward, my team signed Kawhi Leonard, and instead of putting me or Kawhi at power foward I am benched as a 76 ovr power foward plays instead. Why can I not start at an off position instead of being benched?
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