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The League Roster Rotations-PLEASE UPDATE

The rotations are completely unrealistic. In the fourth quarter the reserves are on the court with 2 min. Left and your star players are on the bench. Please adjust the rotations!


  • Queen7B
    3 posts New member
    You are so right.
  • Yep! I've noticed that as well. Game's code is obviously written to make you play with your "group of five", so if you are still a role-player, you are sharing court with 4 other reserves, so game somehow ignore the fact, that you have a bunch of superstar players sitting on a bench, just to make YOU be the guy, that plays in a crunch time. My player plays for a Lakers (role-player, 30 mins per game) and I've barely played any minutes with Lebron, Kuz and Lonzo... This need to change!
  • amen!
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